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How do i treat it

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Hot compress will definitely help fix it. Just make sure you don’t boil your entire eyelid as you do so! ChaCha on! [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/how-do-i-treat-it ]
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How do you treat styes in the eye
Treat it at home with a very warm compress for about ten minutes at each time…
How to Treat Those Who Aid Torture
As a physician, I welcome the Op-Ed article by Leonard S. Rubenstein and Stephen N. Xenakis (“Doctors Without Morals,” March 1) calling for investigations into the role of doctors in interrogations. The legal designers of Presid…
When to Treat
It’s best to treat your pet at the beginning of flea and tick season, says Stohlman. The severity and length of the flea season vary depending on which part of the country you live in. “It can last four months in some places, but in ot…

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I have shingles and don’t know how to treat it?
Q: I have been diagnosed with having something called shingels which is something to do with chicken pox, I cant afford the medicen because it is over 320 bucks for 2 weeks worth. my fam wont help me and i have no money at all. i want to know if its treteable without medication and if it is what can i do to take care of it? pls helpok i know i have shingles a doctor told me so i dont need to call n e one and tell them and no i cant cut back on nothing because i dont get money untill the 15th of march so i just need to know if its curable WITHOUT meds!!!
A: There is no cure for shingles, but treatment may help you get well sooner and prevent other problems. Call your doctor as soon as you think you may have shingles. The sooner you start treatment, the better it works. Treatment may include: * Antiviral medicines to help you get well sooner and feel less pain. * Medicines to help long-term pain. These include antidepressants, pain medicines, and skin creams.Good home care can help you feel better faster. Take care of any skin sores, and keep them clean. Take your medicines as directed. And use over-the-counter pain medicines to relieve pain.
How do most people react when you tell them you’re vegan/vegetarian?
Q: I’ve found that most people react negatively to vegans and vegetarians. How do people treat you and how do you handle it?
A: I live in Ohio and there aren’t many of us here. When I let someone know about my vegan diet and lifestyle, many are shocked and speechless for a few seconds. I often hear, “Wow! I’ve never met a vegan before” and they get a look in their eye like they’re seeing a unicorn. LOL. I’ve not received a lot of negativity. Most often, people are just really curious and start asking a lot of questions. If anything, they poke a little fun (like the “vegetarian is the Indian name for bad hunter…is vegan the Indian name for worst hunter?” type stuff). By and large, I’ve not come to blows with anyone being rude to me about it. When they poke fun, I poke fun back.
How do I help my daughter with this?
Q: In november, my 9 year old daughter became friends with a little girl in her class. I met the girl and she seemed very nice. About 2 weeks later she asked if this girl could spend the night. I met the girls mother and it is very obvious that she is a prescription drug junkie. Against my better judgement I decided to allow the girl to spend the night anyway. This child is 11 and still needs to wear pull ups at night, she pulls her hair out when she gets stressed saying it “relaxes” her, she had no clue about hygiene, she didnt own a toothbrush, seemed blown away that I made breakfast for my kids….the list goes on. Of course I feel so sorry for this child. My daughters friend became a very big part of our lives. She would spend the night 3 to 4 times a week, I helped her with her homework, she and my daughter were calling each other best friends, I payed for her to enroll in my daughters girl scout troupe. I took care of that little girl like she was my own and my daughter treated her like they were sisters. My daughter never got jealous and shared everything in her world with this little girl. Well all of the sudden this little girl wont talk to her anymore. She is turning down invitations to spend the night and she has quit girl scouts after only 3 meetings. My daughter feels very rejected. I tried to talk to the mother to find out if there was an issue, but the mother is to high on painkillers she doesnt even make sense. To be honest, Im a bit relieved. This girl is 2 years older than my daughter and for sure has some deep seeded emotional issues. I cant say that she has been a bad influence on my daughter, but I see the potential. I dont want my daughter to think its normal to yank your hair out to relax!!!! Besides, while this little girl was at my house I had to deal with her junkie mother..so its nice that I wont have to do that anymore either. The issue is that my daughter is heart broken on how this girl just seemed to turn on her for no reason. She is still talking about how she wants her to spend the night and asking why her best freind doesnt like her anymore. I dont want to try and help her renew this friendship..it has warning flags all over it…but I do want to make her feel better..and realize that this probably isnt the best girl to call a friend. Any suggestions on how I should handle this with my girl?Avery, apparently you werent paying attention..this girl dropped my daughter , not the other way around…fathom that.
A: Well sometimes girls that come from that lifestyle often have emotional issues, so it’s very possible the girl is just at down point in her life or something. Sometimes there’s just no explaining why people do what they do, because we’re not in their heads. It’s really sad to hear your daughter is rejected like that, but honestly, it’s probably for the best, as you said yourself. Just tell your daughter that sometimes people don’t make sense. Tell her that you’re really sorry that this girl did it, but that she just isn’t like her. Sounds to me like they didn’t have much in common from the beginning. Idk. I’m sorry to hear this, though.When I was your daughter’s age my best friend had the same situation. My mom didn’t really care for her or her parents, but we were school mates, soo.. The girl eventually quit talking to me, too, and now she has one screwed up life.
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