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How do you cure chigger bites

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Apply your favorite OTC anti-itch medication, such as hydrocortisone, Calamine lotion, Sarna, oatmeal baths, etc. [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/how-do-you-cure-chigger-bites ]
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How to cure chigger bites?
This is a pretty interesting home remedy for chigger bites. You can douse a washcloth with some Listerine Cool mint, and rub it all over your body to help treat chigger bites. Hope it works for you!
What is the best cure for chigger bites?
Use nail polish remover to clean the area & then put clear nail polish on the chigger bite. It will stop the itching & help it to heal quicker.
What is the treatment for chigger bites?
Many home remedies for chigger bites are based upon the incorrect belief that chiggers burrow into and remain in the skin. Nail polish, alcohol, and bleach have been applied to the bites to attempt to “suffocate” or kill the chigg…

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How do you cure chigger bites?
Q: I was working on my truck in the yard, and while laying on the ground I apparently was bitten by chiggers. How do I get rid of them?
A: clear nail polish on the bites
how to cure a chigger bite? or chicken pox?
Q: would it go away if i just leave the bite alone? or should i pop it? it has pus in it though… so idk if i should? do chiggers go for your head? cause my scalpl itches like crazy!! i dont have lice. and i dont have ticks or fleas.. just these weird itchy pus filled bumps appeared on my scalp. it also hurts after you scratch it or even touch it. or maybe i have chicken pox? if i do… should i still pop it? will it scar if i dont? or do?
A: calamine lotion
How do you cure chigger bites?
Q: How do you relieve the itching?
A: From experience here………..a chigger is a skin parasite. it causes itching due to the chigger laying eggs under your shin!what to do?Some say use “CHIGGER X” bought at any drug store or Wal Mart, and while it does help eventually! Without a doubt get yourself some clear fingernail polish and put a dab on each bite, or polish the effected area. It will burn if you have scratched yourself. It will smoother the “chigger” in a matter of minutes. The reddish colored bite will stay a few days but will go away.Guaranteed to solve the problem!
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