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How does caffeine help with migraines and headaches

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Caffeine helps the body absorb headache medications more quickly, bringing faster relief. Most OTC pain relievers have caffeine. [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/how-does-caffeine-help-with-migraines-and-headaches ]
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How does caffeine help with migraines and headaches
Caffeine helps the body absorb headache medications more quickly, bringing faster relief. Most OTC pain relievers have caffeine.
Why Does Caffeine Cause Migraine Headaches?
Caffeine triggers migraine headaches in two ways. Some people’s migraines start after they consume any food, drink or painkiller with caffeine in it. Others get migraines when their bodies do not…
Should Migraine Sufferers Cure Headaches With Caffeine??
If you’ve never experienced a migraine headache, consider yourself lucky. According to the 2007 American Migraine Prevalence and Prevention survey, about 17.1% of women and 5.6% of men suffer from migraine headache symptoms like flashing li…

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Come Down From Caffeine?
Q: I gave up caffeine all together about 7 years ago. Today I drank a pop and took 2 Excedrin to help with a migraine headache and now I feel horrible! I’m so wired and I’m having a hard time coming down from it. Does anyone have any tips on making this edgy feeling go away? Do I just need to wait it out? Any ideas on how long it will be in my system? Thanks!
A: Drink water…it’ll help flush it out sooner.
How do I STOP caffeine without getting a terrible headache?
Q: My doctor has told me I need to elimanate caffeine completely. I cannot handle headaches at all. I have had migraines my entire life so I really can’t deal with any type of headache. I drink coffee on days I work plus alot of Coke Zero. In the past I have been able to stop drinking diet cokes and I don’t have coffee on weekends. But quiting cold turkey is killing me. It’s not the waking up part I need help with. I have been prescribed Provigil which I am not using because I can’t stop the caffeine. I know I have to do it slowly, but how? On weekdays I have about 2 cups of strong coffee then start diet coke as soon as I get to work. I have between 4-7 12 oz. cans a day. So how long should I expect it to take to quit completely?
A: Caffeine is like predisone in that it simply is not wise to quit cold turkey.First, start with your regular coffee and caffeine-containing soda as a baseline.Next, mix your coffees. Start with 3/4 regular, 1/4 decaf. Gradually increase the percentage of decaf until you’ve switched completely. Depending on your baseline consumption and your body’s sensitivity, you can probably complete the process in anywhere from 1 to 4 weeks.It’s hard to blend sodas, so just start by alternating regular with decaf styles and just switch over gradually.Also, do the diet drinks contain aspartame (Nutrasweet)? Aspartame is well known to be a headache causer, and I mean throbbing headaches (I know, I can’t go anywhere near the stuff).
I’ve gotten migraines everday since Monday, happening at the same time and in the same area. What can I do
Q: I get a migraine every day at about 11am around my right eye. I get nauseous and dizzy. They increase in intensity every time. They don’t go away until I go to sleep for the night, no matter how many naps I take. I slept for 2 hrs today and woke up tireder than before and with a worse headache. I haven’t changed anything in my life. They hit me at school and I’m no longer able to concentrate or work, I get extremely tired, falling asleep on my friend’s shoulder Monday. I take ibuprofen because it’s all we have around the house and it doesn’t help at all. I eat saltine crackers, drink water, have tried caffeine, and everything else I’ve been told to do on here. The only thing that relieves my migraine at all is putting a cool wet cloth over my eyes, and I can’t do that at school. I have to sit under the bright fluorescent lights and in the loud classrooms suffering. What can I do? I’m 15.There is no way I’m pregnant, and I actually have low blood pressure.
A: If cold helps you may want to try something that constricts the blood vessels like decongestant; have you tried a daily antihistamine? You may have developed an allergy. Good luck.
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