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How long will you have vaginal bleeding if you miscarried

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A:The bleeding should stop one to two weeks after the miscarriage. [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/how-long-will-you-have-vaginal-bleeding-if-you-miscarried ]
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How long will you have vaginal bleeding if you miscarried
The bleeding should stop one to two weeks after the miscarriage.
How long does vaginal bleeding last after a miscarriage??
If it lasts very long go see your doctor. He may suggest a D&C if the miscarriage wasn’t complete.
How long does vaginal bleeding last if you’re going through a mis…?
The # of days is different for every woman but bleeding should stop within 2 wks in most cases. It may be spotting or quite severe

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How long after conception will it take for an embryo to show up on an ultrasound? im Worried!?
Q: How long after conception will it take for an embryo to show up on an ultrasound?i had my last period starting june 14th, i took a pregnancy test yesterday it said i was postive…today i went in to the doc, where they indeed confirmed pregnancy. the doc drew blood and did an ultrasound. she looked in my uterus, and saw no embryo. it was empty..she said it could be too early or i miscarried. i have Not bled at all, i thought you had to bleed to miscarry? i am confused and wondering, please advise…Additional Detailscorrection: my doc said she saw no embryo visible–it was all dark, except for a faint white line in the middle of the uterus..which she said i should find a sac?she did a vaginal ultrasound actually. my doc just called back, said my HCG level is 650..and to go back wed. for more blood work to see if it is on the rise or falling? ISN’T it entirely poss that i was too early at the exam today and That is the reason the embryo didn’t appear?
A: could b too early, but at the same token they can sometimes c a little dot inside the sac. from 3.5 – 4 wks
Is vaginal bleeding in early pregnancy normal or did i miscarry?
Q: For the past few weeks my body had been acting very strange. I had been experiencing constant muscle spasms in my tummy, bloating well after my last menstrual cycle, and my period was about a day late. The day i was expecting to start my period;i had been spotting very light pink discharge with a few tinges of blood. Suddenly the next day i start experiencing severe cramping and the light spotting increased to what seemed to be a normal flowing period but was not.For example, I was bleeding [bright red] but it was well is lighter than my normal cycle, i have not even filled a pad. I was feeling like i was pregnant and still believe i am; however, these symptoms do not make sense to me. I am worried that i am miscarrying or will…and this is very upsetting. If it is possible to still be pregnant and bleed,please tell me. Also, please tell me if this is normal, how long should this bleeding last? Serious answers please!Thank you :]
A: You could take a HPT and if that is positive you need to see your GP and have your bloods taken to check your HCG levels. Bleeding can be normal in early pregnancy, in my last pregnancy i bled/clots for a week at 5 weeks along and went on to have a healthy little girl. So miracles can happen, think positive and try not to stress, as this is not good for you or the baby (if you are pregnant). Bleeding for more than a week is usally not a good sign, Good luck and take care
Question about trans-vaginal and not seeing baby…also another question.?
Q: I was bleeding yesterday so I was scheduled for an trans-vaginal ultrasound just a while ago. I went in and they saw the sac, but no baby. I’m pretty okay with miscarrying, I mean not okay, but prepared. They said that either they aren’t seeing it or it’s an abnormal pregnancy that will end in miscarriage. I have another scheduled u/s next week, but until then im gonna just be waiting to miscarry i guess. Anyways…..could it be possible that they can’t see my baby. I know for sure that im 7-8 weeks pregnant positively absolutely sure. Also, if i do miscarry how long could the process be? Do they automatically do a D&C or wait to see if you’ll clear out naturally?Krissy- that was extremely rude…. Yeah, I want my baby to die….wtf? NO if i wanted my baby to die I wouldn’t be posting question about it. Maybe I’m just trying to stay calm because if i don’t I’ll have a total meltdown…think about it before you make such dumb accusations..
A: I was positively sure I was 7 weeks along and they only saw a sac that measured 5 wks and 3 days with a transvaginal US. So they had me come back in a week. I had some spotting the day before my US. Still no baby or heartbeat and the sac only measured at 5 wks and 4 days. She said there was no growth and that she was sorry but she thought I had a blighted ovum and was having a miscarriage. We were devastated. My OB called me to say that they wanted me to come back in one week to see if there was any change but in her experience there wouldn’t be. I was so upset. I couldn’t sleep or eat for that week thinking every time I had a pain I was losing the baby. We went back for the U.S. and this time and there it was the baby and it’s little heart beating away. The baby measured at 6 wks and 4 days. I should have been almost 9 weeks. The Dr said I just ovulated and got pregnant late in my cycle and wasn’t far enough along earlier. I am now 14 wks along and everything is going good. So there is still hope. Best Wishes!!
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