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Is a vaginal bleeding during the first weeks of pregnancy a sign of miscarriage

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A:Not as long as it is very spotty and doesn’t last long. The source page has some good info about it. ChaCha! [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/is-a-vaginal-bleeding-during-the-first-weeks-of-pregnancy-a-sign-of-miscarriage ]
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Is a vaginal bleeding during the first weeks of pregnancy a sign …?
Not as long as it is very spotty and doesn’t last long. The source page has some good info about it. ChaCha!

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Was anyone else asked to use Terconazole (vaginal cream for yeast infection) during the first trimester?
Q: I am in my 8th week of pregnancy and my doctor put me on Terconazole (vaginal cream 0.4%) for some yeast I apparently had forming(with no itching, no burning… none of the “signs” of a yeast infection). Well I used it 2 nights ago and everything went fine, but then i used it again last night and this morning when I woke up and went to the bathroom there was some pinkish coloring on the toilet paper when I wiped. So, I looked at the paper they give you with perscriptions to see if light bleeding was a side effect of it and no where on there did it say anything about bleeding, but, I did find one thing that starteled me a great bit. The paper says “since terconazole is absorbed from the human vagina, it should not be used in the first trimester of pregnancy unless the physician considers it essential to the welfare of the patient.” It also said a few things about when tested on rats while they were pregnant, the rats had a smaller litter size with reduced fetal weight. I know my doctor is a good doctor, I just don’t know why, if I wasn’t itching or if I didn’t have burning, he would put me on this cream when it says NOT to use it unless it is “…essential to the welfare of the patient.” This is my second pregnancy but my first ended in a miscarriage at 8 weeks. I keep trying to remain calm and keep trying to tell myself “everything will be fine” but its hard to keep telling yourself that when you start having light bleeding. I don’t want to run to the hospital if its nothing, which is why I am asking if anyone else had the same or a similar experience in the first trimester with this vaginal cream or any other vaginal cream. Thank you for your answers,~Renee~
A: yes, i did. i was like you, i had no symptoms, but it came back on my pap that i had yeast. they have you use the cream, because its will stay local to the area as apposed to a pill form that will go everywhere in your body and may be absorbed by the baby. i did not have any side affects, but yes, i had to use it during the first trimester and everything turned out just fine for me. good luck!
had an ultrasound at 13 weeks and discovered no movement and no heartbeat. are ultrasounds accurate?
Q: fyi- my wife ended up having a D&C procedure. perhaps this is just part of the grieving process or this is just me looking for answers.the vaginal ultrasound showed a fetus with about 9 weeks of develoment. no movement or heartbeat could be detected. my wife showed no signs of problems during anytime in the pregnancy; no bleeding, cramping, etc… she did however go through the normalcies of pregnancy; morning sickness, tired, etc… which seemed to end about 3 weeks before the ultrasound. from the reading we did we just assumed these symptoms went away since we were approaching the end of the first trimester. my questions are this; why did my wife’s body continue to hang onto the baby for a period of 4 weeks after the baby had passed? why didnt she show some sort of sign of miscarriage? do i have to have any concerns about the accuracy of the ultrsound? this was my wife and i’s first pregnancy and this has been extremely difficult to deal with. i hope to find answers.
A: I’m so sorry for your loss.Miscarriages like the one your wife just experienced — called “missed miscarriage” or “missed abortion” — are not at all unusual. As for why one miscarriage occurs “naturally,” with the body expelling the embryo/fetus, while the next one requires intervention because the body has yet to recognized the loss, that is a mystery. Often the body may eventually expel the tissue, but the problem is that waiting is risky — without intervention your wife might have “dealt with” the situation on its own, eventually, but in the meantime there is an increasing risk of infection, so a D&C is usually recommended without delay.As I said, a missed miscarriage is not at all unusual. While the perception of miscarriage is that it is necessarily accompanied by pain and bleeding that is often not the case, and I’ve known many women who experienced precisely the same thing. (I myself have had several miscarriages, including two missed miscarriages. My children are now playing together while dinner cooks.)You should not be concerned about the accuracy of the ultrasound. If there had been a question because no heartbeat was detected at, say, 7 weeks, that would be different, and in that case it would be recommended that you wait another week and get another ultrasound before doing anything…final. However, ultrasounds are extremely accurate, and at 13 weeks there would be no confusion or question about whether there was movement or a heartbeat, and the fact that the fetus measured at just 9 weeks combined with those things leaves, really, no room for doubt. And I absolutely understand the need to be sure of that.I know how difficult this is. Having experienced the miscarriage you probably have been told how common it turns out that miscarriage is. (Exactly *how* common depends on the source of your statistics, but many figures suggest that one in three pregnancies ends in miscarriage; if so-called “chemical pregnancies” (very early miscarriages) are included the number is considerably higher.) While that doesn’t ameliorate the pain of it I hope it is helpful to know, and to realize that as terrible as your loss is, it does not mean there is something wrong, or that there was something you could have or should have done differently, or that there is any reason to be concerned about your future fertility and future pregnancies. Take care of yourselves and of one another right now, and I hope you find yourselves happily and healthily pregnant soon.Hope this helps a bit. Best of luck.
I need personal pregnancy experince v/s text book generic answers. Help Please?
Q: I am nervous and scared to a certain degree. I have been noticing some weird changes in my body. My last menstrual cycle begin on the 21st or 22nd of May. I went off around the 25th. I had sex on the 26th. My cycle was normal. I generally last about 3 days. I was concerned that having sex so soon after my period had ended meant that I would bleed and extra day or two but no blood appeared during, or after sex. I had sex again on the 1st or 2nd of June. He didn’t use protection either time, classic pull out method. Now here is the good part on June the 7th I started spotting. Now my period runs regularly, I am on the last week of every month. I don’t bleed in between periods or spot. The last time I spotted I was pregnant and having a miscarriage. I put in a tampon and after 4 hours there was nothing there. I put on a pad about 5 p.m. and didn’t experience any spotting or bleeding till we had sex on the 8th of June around 8 or 9 p.m. Since then the spotting is quite sporadic. I have read and read and read pregnancy symptoms, reasons for abnormal bleeding in between menstrual cycles and so many other things and I am confusterated (confused and frustrated). I feel sick sometimes but I wonder am I mental because according to the count I may have been ovulating and the first sign of bleeding may have been implantation bleeding. It is too early to test being that I would just be entering my 3rd week (maybe).I dry heaved the other night over a smell and ending up spitting. I have extra salvia in my mouth a good majority of the time. I don’t feel nauseas but I feel kind of sick on the stomach a lot of the time (like I said always lots of saliva). My breasts aren’t really sore but I do get shooting pains here or there. They feel fuller but I keep thinking maybe it is the bra I am wearing. The pains I experience are in different places on my breast and like a sharp ache then it passes. Yesterday I felt a weird pain near my vagina area. My sister said I was describing the area where my lymph nodes are. The other weird thing was I was crying for no reason the other day. I wasn’t sad. Nothing was wrong and I was crying…. I have seen two small clots on different days. I almost always end up spotting heavy once he and I have sex. Yesterday I was spotting and today not even a hint of pink or red. I don’t want to be losing another baby. I rather not know I am pregnant if the baby is just going to pass through my system. I can’t tell what is going on but something is weird. Help… I am playing the waiting game. How does breast pain feel when you are pregnant? What are the sicknesses like? Have any of you experienced a pain or soreness near your vaginal area?
A: It is hard to say because pregnancy is so different for each individual. With my first, I had no signs that I was pregnant other than a late period. With my second I was vomiting before I even could get a positive preg. test. I was also extremely tired and had strange cravings. You may want to try to take a test though. If you do, get a first response test which can tell you even before you miss your period! I got a positive reading at 3 weeks pregnant with my second child! It was a VERY faint two lines but they were definitely there!Good luck.
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