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What can be done to ease the pain of a kidney stone

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Fluids: 2-3qts of H20, Apply a heating pad, OTC meds containing ibuprofen, Rubbing back/kidney area firmly. [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/what-can-be-done-to-ease-the-pain-of-a-kidney-stone ]
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What can be done to ease the pain of a kidney stone
Fluids: 2-3qts of H20, Apply a heating pad, OTC meds containing ibuprofen, Rubbing back/kidney area firmly.

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Kidney Stones..What helps you ease the pain?
Q: Do you have a lot of kidney stones, I’m talking 1 to 2 maybe even 3 or 4 a month, I do, I have been to three different doctors, had all the tests more times then I wish and no one can tell me what causes the stones or how I can keep from having them, I can drink all the water in the world and still have them. I have some things I do to ease the pain but am welcoming any ideas other then pain meds. So shoot you ideas at me.ThanksI’ve actually had all the test three times over or more. I don’t even remember. I just need to know ways I can atleast be a bit more comfortable with out taking pain meds all the time.
A: My sister has been going through the same thing…just awful.She was told to squeeze the juice from a fresh lemon into a glass of water and drink daily. Ideally, drink more than one a day and then continue even after the stones are gone. Apparently, the acidity helps dissolve and keep them away.My sis lives in NC and apparently that area is known as kidney stone alley due to something in the ground and water building up in some people. Check the stats where you live.Definitely do as the other person suggested and get them tested for mineral build up.
What is the reason for my kidney pain?
Q: I have been having pain since yesterday in my back and left kidney area, particularly near my spine, I was diagonesed with a kidney stone in the left side a few months back, but have been in hospital a few times with pain and now they believe the stone has gone, I don`t think I have an infection but I am scared at what the pain can be, it is a dull pain but it can go more severe like burning or a sharp pain, as I have had stones and infections in the past it does not feel like neither but I don`t know what else it can be. I don`t want to go to the hospital again as they now think the stone has gone and don`t know what is wrong, they make me feel like I am making the pain up, but I am not the last thing I want is to feel like this all the time. I am drinking loads of water, etc and trying hot and cold packs but nothing is easing the pain, if anyone has any suggestions I would be grateful, I live in Spain and I just wish I could be back in uk speaking to a doctor that understands me.
A: I’m not a doctor, but I have had a similar experience. I have an intestinal disease – when I was at my sickest, I also had a dull pain in my lower back around the kidneys. Tests showed nothing wrong otherwise, so my doctor concluded it was “referred pain” from my illness. Sure enough, once I got the intestinal issue resolved, the back pain went away. I guess the point is that you could have another underlying issue that needs to be resolved. Good luck!P.S. Give this link a look-see…
Very painful Ovarian cyst & Kidney stone question?
Q: I have a 4.9cm ovarian cyst on the left side & a kidney stone on the right side that has dropped. Not sure which problem is causing me the pain. Symptoms=1)severe Nausea 2)vomiting dark-green. 3)Loss of appetite (lost 12 pds) 4)Unable to urinate except a few drops. (cathed me due to me not able to go on my own) Found blood in my urine. I’ve been to the ER (2x). My OB (2x) My family dr(1x). I have plenty of medication & I’ve been taking it exactly as prescribed. I dont want anymore meds i want some relief so i can walk. I’m told i cry in my sleep. (due to sleeping & nausea pills i can sleep up to 15-30 mins at a time without waking up in extreme pain) I feel like i’m in stage 8 of labor with no meds. (had kids nat. in a birthing center) so i can handle pain well. My ob/gyn wants to remove my ovary. The Dr told me “I DON’T FEEL COMFORTABLE OPERATING ON YOU” You have asthma & other medical problems. The surgery is 10 days. What can i do for 10 days to ease this pain?I have been trying to drink lots of water but everything i drink taste like dirt and i get sick. I dehydrated twice so far. Put on i.v. fluids and sent home. My WBC was 22.5. Doctor said that is high and may be infection they are not finding put me on an anti-biotic.
A: It sounds like you are experiencing symptoms of both. I have had both (though never at the same time, thankgoodness) and right now, I have 4-5 kidney stones that I am trying to pass. I am guessing the weight loss and loss of appetite is probably a result of the severe pain.As for easing the pain, sometimes a heating pad can help. Also, if the pain is in your mid to lower back, it is probably the stone. Propping the side up witha pillow can help slightly, too. If you get into severe pain you can always go to the ER for some temporary relief. Maybe they will decide to place you on IV antibiotics which can help move the stone through alot faster or maybe they will decide to break up the stone via ultrasonic waves to help you pass it. If you are not getting any help from your family Dr and havent done so yet, Please get in with a Urologist. They can provide specialized care and hopefully get you some relief. Good Luck.
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