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What can you do to take away the pain of shin splints

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You can treat shin splints with rest, avoid painful physical activity, ice the affected area, take an OTC pain reliever, MORE? [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/what-can-you-do-to-take-away-the-pain-of-shin-splints ]
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What can you do to take away the pain of shin splints
You can treat shin splints with rest, avoid painful physical activity, ice the affected area, take an OTC pain reliever, MORE?

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Can I have pain in my shin bone and NOT have a stress fracture?
Q: I got a stress reaction at the beginning of track season this year and had to take 2 months off, now I’m finally getting close to my old level of fitness(between 40-50 miles a week). I’ve struggled with shin splints the whole time coming back but I’ve still managed to improve my fitness basically every week…probably the last 2 weeks though my right shin bone has been kind of bothering me and I’m REALLY hoping I don’t have to take another damn 2 months off of training because I’m supposed to be running in college this year.Anyway’s the symptoms are that it will bother me maybe the first 10 steps of a run and then I won’t notice it anymore(well maybe I feel it again at the very end of the run sometimes). It also seems to get better quickly because one day it hurt kind of bad, I took only 1 day off to bike/swim, then when I ran the next day I just had very slight pain. Though I think I took 2-3 days off and still didn’t completely go away either. And I can generally feel it during the day if I bounce on that one foot, though it’s nothing super painful and like i said if I start to run i don’t notice it.Is it possible that maybe it’s just a muscle right under my bone bothering me? Or maybe your bone can hurt slightly without it actually being a stress reaction? What do you guys think?
A: depending on your age you could have arthritis
Shin Splints?
Q: I play baskettball and about a week ago i started having this pain in my right shin.We had a really tough game last Saturday and the pain has gotten worse. I think i have shin splints.I can’t just take time off too let it heal cuz our season dosen’t end untill the begining of March. But it’s really painful it’s gotten to the point where it hurts after a walk for long periods of time especialy going uphill or up stairs. The weird thing is it’s only in my right leg. So what do you do to make them go away and to prevent them from comming back?
A: see your athletic trainerMedial Tibial Stress Syndrome -ice before and after practice, shin splint sleeves or taping, new shoes, arch supports, exercise in the pool if you need to keep your conditioning. Rest….. stretch your calves.
How to overcome pain in my ankles/knees while running?
Q: 3 weeks ago I decided to get back into running. For 1st week everything hurt because I was warming up to it all again. For the 2nd week all was well for the most part. I ended my 2nd week with a 10 miler. I took 2 days off after my 10mi and then when I started to run an easy 6mi, that’s when my ankles and knees started to hurt. For this past week I took 1 day off to rest but when I started again the pain was still there.I tried icing them but that doesn’t really help, it only makes my knees very stiff. I’ve had shin splints before and those hurt, but I can run through that pain, this on the other hand is a problem for me. Taking days off doesn’t help because the pain is all the worse when I start again.My plan right now is to back off and alternate on 3,4, and 5 mile days. Does anyone have any advice on what else I could do? I’m staying away from pain killers because I’d rather not mask the problem.Oh, and I’m not going to stop running, so you people can skip answering if that’s all you’ve got. If John Landy can run a 4 minute mile with torn stitches on the bottom of his foot I can go with a little ankle/knee pain.
A: I still believe that you should ice your knees or shin splints regardless to minimize immflamation. I am sure you have heard the the old saying “No Pain, No Gain” is a myth a HUGE overstatement. That is where your answer lies. You cannot keep going & “working thru the pain”, your body IS going to give out & you will be sidelined with an injury. Lessen your mileage, slow down, take rest days more importantly so the muscle tissues can repair & also I cannot emphasize enough of how important is to stretch the mucles as well. I wish you luck & happy running.
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