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What can you use or get to get rid of stretch marks I have them on my arms

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Treatment options include: surgical methods, OTC lotions and creams, and diet & exercise. ChaCha for now! [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/what-can-you-use-or-get-to-get-rid-of-stretch-marks-i-have-them-on-my-arms ]
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What can you use or get to get rid of stretch marks I have them o…?
Treatment options include: surgical methods, OTC lotions and creams, and diet & exercise. ChaCha for now!
What can I do or use to get rid of stretch marks on arms and legs…?
try to use bio-oil which really does work but you have to give it time, you put it on 2-3 times daily and really rub it in, within a few weeks your stretch marks will start to fade however if they are really really bad then there is a drast…

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Stretch Marks? Know much or anything about them?
Q: I’ve had stretch marks all my life (or as long as I can remember which was around the age of 6) and I’d like to know if there is any easy and/or natural way to totally get rid of them. I have stretch marks on my thighs, arms, butt, lower back, calves, and hips. I have used cocoa butter before and i used it as a lotion daily on my calves but there hasn’t been a change in the severity of the stretch marks at all. Have you or do you know anyone who has tried a product or remedy of any kind to get rid of stretch marks and has been successful? What about the products that weren’t effective?
A: Another option is laser surgery. This type of stretch marks surgery is generally only for people whose stretch marks are still colored red or brownish. If your stretch marks have faded to more of a flesh color the laser will not be able to detect them. This surgery is effectively able to remove damaged skin and stimulate collagen growth, but may not always completely eliminate stretch marks. Laser surgery can also become incredibly expensive. Each session can cost as much as $1000 or more, and depending on how quickly your skin reacts to the surgery, you may need multiple sessions of laser surgery before your stretch marks fade or go away. If you are interested in more effective ways of getting rid of stretch marks, you can read abt them from this site: http://stretch-marks.my-fashion-house.com/
I really need some help…stretch marks…cocoa butter…what do I DO?
Q: I used to be a thin but healthy girl (5’9” and 120 lbs.) but then I injured my knee and hip playing basketball. I couldn’t excercise for over a year. I also moved out of my house in that time period. My mom is a health freak so I always ate really healthy…and then I didn’t eat very healthty when I moved. Now I am back home and 55lbs heavier. Because I gained so much weight so fast I developed quite a few stretch marks…on my inner thighs, hips, butt, behind my knees, and under my arms. The ones in my thigh and hip areas are the only really bad ones….but I am scared about the ones developing behind my knees because you can’t hid those!I have started loosing the weight and have tried using a little of the palmer’s cocoa butter to get rid of them (the marks), but it doesnt seem to be working that well…I am very scared that they won’t get any better…I want to wear a bathing suit again! Does anyone once have any knowledge, personal experience or ideas you could help me out with?
A: Sorry, but nothing will make them disappear. They will fade to silvery white lines though.You can ask your doctor for prescription Retin-A cream, that can help a tiny bit, but stretch marks are emergency skin. It never disappears. I’m sorry, I know it’s hard to hear.Cocoa butter is a nice moisturizer, but nothing can delete skin.
Stretch marks on guys or girls?
Q: firstly im a indian guy with fair colour(light brown), i have stretch marks on my tummy and under arms, am i right in thinking there is no way to get rid of them, i mean the skin does go fairly lumpy around the marks, also i would like to say i respect the white girls and guys(sorry whites the only thing to say, as im british,but im indian,don’t mean to offend you guys), their marks i hear go pink or darker,but on me they are nearly the same Colour as my skin, u can just about see them when im standing the the sun light,how do you deal with this?,what do you use?, i thought they were the same on everyone,but due to their Colour white , i understand they can stand out more then they would on me, i have read on here from guys that have them and are upset with them, but would like to say ,this is life,i never really knew about these, i had them in school, i grew really quickly,so that might be the reason to get them, but its only been like 6 months since i saw them and thought what are these,besides girls u look amazing ,i mean guys have the hands full with you,i don’t think the marks put them off,how do you feel about these?
A: I have stretch marks. It’s normal. Women and men get them. They can get them through MANY different reasons. The most common being: weight gain, weight loss, pregnancy, growth spurts, puberty, hormones, medication and much more. Some of us are more prone to them than others.On pale people they will start off pink/red/purple then in time they fade to a silver/white colour, like a scar. Use cocoa butter on them and keep them well moisturised. Blue Wonder: Your commend about “stretch marks do put girls off if you are over weight” is a load of crap. Yes, some girls MIGHT get put off… but we’re not all shallow. Some people don’t care about ones stretch marks or being overweight. We’re not all superficial and some of us actually love someone for who they are and not what they look like!!! Get in the real world.
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