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What does a drug OTC stand for

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OTC stands for “Over The Counter” drugs. Which means that you can buy these at a store. ChaCha! [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/what-does-a-drug-otc-stand-for ]
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What does a drug OTC stand for
OTC stands for “Over The Counter” drugs. Which means that you can buy these at a store. ChaCha!

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Is this stalking? See below, give opinion, please.?
Q: Scene 1: Standing outside work, 8 months pregnant.Waiting for husband to pick me up after work.Standing in alcove so no one can see me, seedy neighborhood. Just down the block from the police station. Lots of smart alecs. Mistake. Should have been visible. Had he attacked me, no one would have seen.Guy comes in alcove suddenly, in my face, wantingto know when I am due. I have not been working therefor a year, was slender when I began work.I told this man I did not think it was any of his business.Told him to leave me alone. I since then have cometo think he may have been a smart alec, thoughtI was fat, or may have been a drug dealer, mayhave been propositioning me.I have taken no drugs to lose wt. Tried otc. Cannot use. Know of no prescription drugs which will cause wt. loss, except for temporarily, and they are not without side effects. I always dieted, did calisthenic, walked, ran or biked, went to gym.In addition, I did gardenand yard work, housework, went to church alot.In other words, very active inside and outside home.cause wt. loss.Scene 2: Enrolled in college. Have given birth, backto my normal weight.135. This was my fighting weightfrom age 16 on, give or take ten lbs over the holidays.I’d rather be a healthy wt and ugly as sin,than tobe globby fat like I am now. This guy is in back of classin a group talking.. Then comes up and sits in front of me.I did not recognize him. I could be wrong,butI think it was he. He has lost wt. Looks younger.He is polite, courteous. However, had I known it was he, I would have moved to a different seat.I maintain anyone had a right to take the class, of course. I am not a snob, nor do I have delusions of grandeur.. I don’t have a rightto tell anyone anything like that. I maintain if hetook the class because I was there, it was stalking.I maintain if he moved over to where I was toslander me by connecting me with him, if he werean addict, or pusher, it wasstalking and harassment. As I said, I never useddrugs for wt loss or illegal drugs, nor cheated on myhusband in my life.As I said,he was polite, personable.He also had a friend who was an LPN with blond hair.I am not she. He had quite an interesting life.Never mentioned drugs. We were not alone together.We were not an “item”.I also maintain if it were the same person, he knew I did not want anything to do with him.I met another person at the school who saidshe was taking under the counter diet pills.speed. I did not see it. Many people heard her say this.I would not take speed for any reason. Heaven knowsI want nothing to make me nervous or hyper.I did go to Weight Watchers for many years, have a lifetime membership. That may have had something to do with this. Makes me angry. Weight Watchers isa wonderful program. Good group support. Whaddya think? Please do not take me wrong. I am not prejudiced toward people with addictions who get legal andclean. That sounds very prejudiced. I think theyshould do whatever they want to do, if they are livinglegally. I simply do not want to be connected withpeople socially or otherwise, who do illegal drugs.I should have called cops? What evidence?
A: No it is not stalking. It sounds like people are sharing information with you that you are not comfortable with. Don’t see a reason why you would need to call the cops.
i’m trying to find medical experts inepherdine research where do i look?
Q: ive been addicted to ephedrine since ive been 16 and i’m 26 now ..so in the 10 yrs ive my tolerance has went to be extreemly outragous as in taking 300 hundred ephedrine pills a day mentaly i cant stand ephedrine but physically i cant function..and as long as there otc and me and others pheine for them i think it’s only going to get worse ….so i’m putting everythin i have into informing myself and others on the effects it has as an ‘addicting drug’ not aq medical drug cuz with me and so many more ppl ephedrine isnt a medical drug anymore and what happens now that me and thousands maybe more ppl are addicted to it….where do i look for the drug research on it i need all the info i can get THANX
A: i do not know whether to believe you or not. because i would figure you need the help of a centre which deals with drug addiction cases, which you are in the first place.you don’t need all the research info on ephedrine in order to get you out of your addiction problem and at 26 am sure you know that.furthermore i would like to inform you that you may be looking for a way to make an even worse addiction drug out of ephedrine. when ephedrine is boiled with hydrochloric acid of the right concentration at right pressure you get a cousin of amphetamine. is that what you want?
I have no idea what to do, suggestions?
Q: As soon as I get a permanent address in Portland (which is happening Sept 1), I will no longer be eligible to be on my father’s health care plan, and have to go on Medicaid.I take Xyrem, a drug that helps control catalepsy in narcoleptics, however it is used off-label as a sleep aid.Medicaid will not help cover Xyrem for off-label uses. It costs about 1,500 dollars a month.No, I am not kidding.There is no way I can afford this, but when I don’t get restful sleep, my quality of life goes waaay down because my body pain increases 10 fold. (due to the fact I contracted Lyme disease and it was not treated at the time I got it. I remember the tick bite, but I just pulled it off and went on with my life. about a year later I developed arthritic like symptoms and was diagnosed with “fibromyalgia” and just accepted that diagnoses until 3 years ago when I was tested for Lyme)I do not want to stay in where I am though, I can’t stand it here.I have no idea what to do.As for alternatives, I am not sure there are any.I have tried these without sucess:Melatonin supplementsvarious OTC antihistaminesLunestaSonataAmbienAmbien CRRozeremValiumTrazadone (horrible allergic reaction where my nose passages swelled to the point I could not breathe)KlonipanDoxepin…and yea, I’m sure I’m forgetting something.Yes, it was all the same doctor. Thanks for the link.
A: Wow, that’s a lot of trial-and-error you went through to find the one drug that works. Was it all with the same doctor? If so, I think that might help.To get a special exception made for your Medicaid plan, you’ll want to file an appeal for something called a “formulary exception.” I imagine that documentation of all of the trial-and-error you’ve already done would help a lot, especially if the doctor you’re seeing now is willing to help.Unfortunately, that’s about all I know. I don’t know the details of when and where and how you go about filing for an appeal. Possibly your doctor can be of more use there, or if you can afford it, a lawyer.The website linked below might help. It’s for Medicare, but I believe that Medicaid uses the same appeals procedure.I hope someone who knows more about Medicaid and the appeals procedure sees your question and can give a better answer.
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