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What drug makes you pass out

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Any number of prescription or OTC drugs can make you pass out, especially if you take too much. ChaCha on! [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/what-drug-makes-you-pass-out ]
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What drug makes you pass out
Any number of prescription or OTC drugs can make you pass out, especially if you take too much. ChaCha on!
What legal drug overdose makes a person pass out??
LMAO it sounds like you want to date rape someone or do something less than legal. But to answer your question, most sleep medication can usually act as tranquilizers. Also, some cold medication can make a person drowsy. If you really want …
Will a teaspoon of bleach in a glass of milk make you pass a drug…?
i really dont think so i think if u put bleach in the actual urine sample it will destroy the creatinin in the urine allowing u to pass the drug test. this really only works with on the spot result drug tests that arent in a lab. Injecting …

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What can be added to urine to make you pass a drug test?
Q: is there any kind of chemical or something that you can add to your urine to make an otherwise positive result come out negative when being drug tested for marijuana (THC)? i dont want to buy expensive detox stuff, just is there anything you can add to your urine sample?
A: There is nothing you can add to your urine to turn a positive into a negative. If you get caught or it is discovered you will automatically be positive even if your sample is ‘clean’.
I have a friend that needs to pass a drug test. She is going in for pain management. She has pot in her system?
Q: She has been clean for about a week. She is 5’9 & weights about 230 lbs. She is going in for pain management & she needs to make sure the pot is not in her system. Now she is on opiates as well but that needs to be in her system when she takes the test. She actually is going in to get more pain medication but she has to make sure & pass the test & make sure there is no pot in her system. What does she need to do to get it clean?The only reason of why i am asking this question cause this is my only hope. I am not stupid i honestly dont think shes going to be able to clean her system out & also keep the opiates in her system. Is there anything from gnc that would help out. I also need to make sure that there drug test that she takes don’t pick up whatever she has to take to clean her system out. If your going to leave an answer of don’t smoke please don’t answer i don’t want to hear it. Like i said this is my last resort to help her pass this test. We have been trying to figure a way to do it. I told her to drink alot of water & cranberry juice with niacin. I think that should work. What helped you pass your drug test?
A: Well Vit c is used a lot to help clear nicotine out the system so it may help that she uses a high does of about 1000mg of this to also help. It can however take 30days to clear. But Cannabis is good for pain so she could say she used this for her pain or if they spot some a small dose she can say she has been round people who smoke a lot of it but never smoked herself. I saw that once in csi miami lol where his sister smoked it for her cancer and he had it in his tox screen and it was due to her smoking it not him but he was around it. Its defiantly possible. Hopefully she can use that excuse or she can reschedule her appointment for a month later.
What is that thing in movies kidnappers use to make you pass out?
Q: It is making me mad that I can’t think of it. They like put this liquid stuff on like a cloth and hold it up to your mouth. can you please help me by telling me what that is called. Like the drug or liquid or w/e.
A: chloroform
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