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What drugs are legal

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Any OTC drugs or medications prescribed to you by your doctor are legal. ChaCha on!! [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/what-drugs-are-legal ]
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Why are drugs legal in Amsterdam
Only “soft drugs” are legal in Amsterdam like marijuana, hash and mushrooms are legal. But even the soft drugs have strict rules.
Should drugs be legal?
Everyone has their own opinions on whether drugs should be legal. In some cases drugs are used in medicine to help people get better or to lessen pain that they may feel. in other cases they cause long term misery to people’s lives, especia…
What drugs are legal in amsterdam?
The drugs that are legal in Amsterdam are what they call soft drugs and include cannabis, mushrooms, and hash. Hard drugs such as cocaine, LSD, and heroine are illegal. You can find more information here: http://www.world66.com/europe/nethe…

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what drugs legal or illegal can cause violent aggressive behavior?
Q: List of drugs that can be prescribed to bought off the street, legal or illegal please.
A: Any drug can, even depressants if you don’t know how your body will react. The common ones are steroids, hallucinogenics (PCP, bad trips), and stimulants (amphetamines, cocaine), and depressants (alcohol).These and other drugs also have indirect links to violence with factors like addiction and dependency becoming a motivator.
What are some drugs(legal pills) that I could take on an airplane to knock me out, for my flying fear?
Q: Something I could take before takeoff and would knock me out COLD in ten minutes or less. I don’t want answers like: “this is bad, you shouldn’t abuse pills” or something. I just want answers. I know it may sound wrong, but I have a SERIOUS fear. thx!! Oh and something legal.
A: Onion is correct that diphenhydramine would be the best OTC sleeping aid available, but Dramamine actually contains dimenhydrinate, a mixture of diphenhydramine and other ingredients designed to alleviate motion sickness. If you’re just looking to sleep, pure diphenhydramine is more potent and in the sleep aids aisle.
What are some movies or songs that glorify alcohol or inhalants or drugs, legal or illegal?
Q: I’m doing an “Assessing Media’s Influence” project, but I don’t know any songs or movies that glorify substances. I don’t listen to that type or music or watch those kinds of movies. So what are some songs/movies that glorify them? Can be anything really.
A: As far as drugs, every Cheech & Chong movie, the movie “Half-Baked” (uh… Dave Chappelle and Jim Bruer? not sure), Kill Bill vol. 1, movie “Scaface.”Alcohol? Hah! You can’t get away from it. The entire James Bond series… maybe not “glorify,” but it’s certainly an important cliche.
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