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What is the medication mini thins

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Mini-thin is an OTC stimulant usually containing ephedrine. May contain other OTC chemicals and/or herbs believed to be stimulants such as Caffeine and Synephrine. ChaCha again soon! [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/what-is-the-medication-mini-thins ]
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What is the medication mini thins
Mini-thin is an OTC stimulant usually containing ephedrine. May contain other OTC chemicals and/or herbs believed to be stimulants such as Caffeine and Synephrine. ChaCha again soon!

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I just need someone to listen please.?
Q: I found out my great grandmother died this morning so I bingedI had two bowls of mini wheats with whole milk and two chicken ranch wrapsI can’t even purge now because every few minutes I just start crying for everything I’ve done wrong…I’ve displeased ana and now I’m never going to be able to be thin and beautiful like macyI’m a failure as a daughter….I’ve been to three different mental hospitals and I was kicked out of two I’m on twelve different medications three times a day I got kicked out of public school for having a concealed weapon on campus my mother hates me and my father beat meI deserve to be a fat tub of lard…someone so ugly on the inside can never be beautiful on the outsideI’ve failed suicide 5 times because I’m a fucking loser. I can’t do a goddamn thing right! What the fuck is wrong with me please somebody tell me!! What do I have to do to be loved!
A: First of all, you dont deserve to be a fat loser the rest of your life. Ive had an eating disorder too so I understand about letting down ana and all that stuff. You dont deserve to be beaten by your father. That is wrong and you are not doing anything wrong at all. You dad has an anger problem because of some issues that HE has not because of you. Even if he blames things on you, its all HIM. So dont forget that. I think you need to seriously consider calling either CPS or social services. Being raised in an abusive home can cause serious emotional problems as you grow and no one deserves to be in that kind of enviornment. You feel like you cant do anything right because you hold yourself to an IMPOSSIBLE standard. That has to stop. You probably feel the need to be perfect all the time and you must learn that NO one is perfect. Not in the least. Your anorexia is totally changing your priorities. Ana is not a real person and if she were, she needs a swift kick in the ass. I know that its hard to be happy in such a horrible enviornment. You need to talk to a professional about your suicidal tendencies. Whether it be a therapist or even a school counselor. You need to get help. If you cant afford this or think your parents will refuse you the help, call up a suicide hotline and they can get you in contact with the right people. Do you have any family that you trust that you can go stay with? I think gettting out of your home and living with someone who you can trust will help a lot. It would be a lot easier to deal with your anorexia if you werent around your parents. I hope you can get some help. Good luck
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Q: las encinassunkendeep deep into some abandoned shaftlight never enters herefish lose all their pigmentand shafts of bracing steelsuspend mea furious burning firelives inside my stomachalonealone and lostwithin my very bedswallowed upin my misconceptionsthoughts comingin a long long timeno sense no reason no releasefrom the commitmentto finishwhat we have begunstick it outto the end andreturnmy briny fleshis meltedinto the nightbut they sayno more scratchingno more screaming tearing madnessanymorestrapped in leather chairsin heavy jacketssubmersed in icy waternaked shocked inspected turned inside outand upside downrelating the litanyof this or that rapethat violationof the heart the mindor soulthey say no morenow instead restraintdispensed from mini dixie cupsat 7 and 12 and 5multi-colored pixie mintswith potent vaporsthat warp their wayinto our brainsdowsing the fireand walking stiff numband alteredsensation slowly shrinksuntil the demon’s clawsrelease meenough for eat and sleepand other basic functionsmy friend marcie’s hystericalevery night andthey finally camewrapped her in the gray/ green restraintstook her into the cottagesin the backand the old man drinks coffeemixed with teathree, four large tumblershe smokes cigars in the hallwaysi’ve never heard him speakor move his eyesnancy’s joints deterioratingshe’s beyond pain medicationsthey say she’ll have to lie in bed becausethey cannot help her moreand paulis blind, m-d and diabeticadmitted to our wardbecause he will dierefusing his dialysisthere’s a daythat tilts upon usit makes a different windthese are my friendsthey are people i’ve come to knowall friends to say we metfrom parts unknown to share one addressi’m all righti’ll be well again sooni’m getting better reallyi ami amand looking nowat these wide white wallsnow after many agesseeing the thin cracks in the plasterreading the names of the presidentand the administratorsthe plaques that saythey gave their livesso we could liveand life goes oni’ve seen it all beforepeople come and gothe crisis passes all the funny piecesall the paini was too frightenedto go insanefear welds the scattered bits of spiritand painhelps bring the mindinto focuslas encinasI’m sorry that it may not be clear what I’m talking about. Las Encinas is a mental hospital, and was a patient in there for three weeks many years ago. Many people have said to me, “Write about it!” And so I’ve tried to describe what it was like. This is the best I can do – so far – at least – in poetry. Poetry lends itself to depicting feelings, emotions, essences – not a full list – better than prose. So I chose to use poetry. I speak before university psychology classes about mental health. I get asked to share my experiences dealing with being bi-polar II manic-depressive. The students can read in their textbooks what that is, but they can’t get a feeling about what it’s really like. And if they are going to work in the mental health field, they need more than just the facts: they need to know about the human experience, and hear it from someone who’s been there and done that. I’m sorry my poetry is not better. I do the best I can. And I will try to do better. I thank you!
A: I have now. Very powerful, the sparseness added to the impact. Your last stanza stands alone in mastery. My compliments on this.
Treating an aneurysm?
Q: I am 48, in pretty decent health, not overweight, and a non smoker for about 5 weeks now. A few weeks ago I experianced extream double vision on my way to work, I felt very odd after and had headaches and ringing in my ears for a few hours. I work at a medical office, (opthamology) so they decided to get my blood pressure and it was very high for me…155 over 98, about 3 hours after the double vision insident. I went to my doctor and he felt I had experianced a mini stroke and ordered MRI’s and a MRA of my brain. It discovered a small aneurysm on the left side of my brain. I have now been referred to a neurologist, and put on 2 blood thinning meds and my lipitor script was doubled although my cholestorol was not horrible. So what should I expect, are there medications to takew care of this, or am I looking at surgury? I am trying to stay calm about this, but I feel way too young to be going threw this!
A: Keep your chin up girl!!You have done everything right so far. Make sure to keep all your follow up appts and get a 2nd opinion. Even if you love love your doc, always get a 2nd opinion. Better to have 2 heads than 1. Also, it helps to have a close friend or family member go with you to appts, to help remember what the doctor says…and to help you remember any questions you may have wanted to ask.http://www.webmd.com/brain/tc/Brain-Aneurysm-Topic-Overview
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