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What medicines help with acid on your stomach

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Many OTC products are advertised to relieve heartburn or acid reflux. These include antacids, bismuth subsalicylate, H2 MORE [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/what-medicines-help-with-acid-on-your-stomach ]
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What medicines help with acid on your stomach
Many OTC products are advertised to relieve heartburn or acid reflux. These include antacids, bismuth subsalicylate, H2 MORE
Can’t I just take stomach medicines to address my excess gastrin …?
Stomach medications such as proton pump inhibitors may be prescribed as part of your treatment, but it is important to diagnose your underlying condition. Although gastrinomas are rare, more than half of them are cancerous and can spread to…
Could prescription severe acid reflux (GERD) medicines possibly m…?
I hope not, but then again any type of prescription medication has side effects with other parts of the body. Make sure you find out for sure if those medications you take causes stomach cancer. Just keep in mind that pharmaceutical compani…

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What would you do if every night or whenever you were tired and wanted to go to sleep your stomach?
Q: would bother you so much, until you had to get up to get it to stop hurting? I have been to doctors and none of them are helping me with this pain in my stomach, all they do is perscibe acid blockers, which I take, but they don’t stop the aching stomach. I have tried so many different things. probotics, enzymes, vitamins which help sometime but the pain keeps coming back. Most of the time I end up taking pain medicine or just feeling crappy and tired all the next day. This has been going on for so many years. It is consuming my whole life. Does anyone have any suggestions besideds druging myself all the time.Yes, and I’ve been to specialist, and have had cat scans and endoscopys. The only thing they say I have is barretts, which is what Im taking acid blockers for (GERD).
A: what are you eating and drinking? Maybe you need to change those.
Nausea and Acid reflux for 6 months?
Q: I’ve been having LPR and on and off Nausea for the past 6 months. LPR is a form of acid reflux where the acid reaches your throat. Not only do I experience the acid reaching my throat, but I feel it come up so far, it push pressure on my ear and in my nose. Sometimes it feels as if its trying to push itself out of my nose. I also have a lot of random periods of Nausea. I’ll get nauseous for absolutely no reason at all or the littlest thing will make me extremely nauseous. When I got blood drawn for the G.I. doctor, he said everything was normal. Nothing at all was abnormal about my blood test. According to the blood test I was perfectly healthy. They’ve tried me on several kinds of medicine for my condition and nothing has helped. I had none of these symptoms before January. One day in January I just got really sick all of the sudden and started throwing up and didn’t stop for 8 hours. After that day I’ve been dealing with nausea and acid reflux. Now I’m going to schedule an Endoscopy but I don’t know what their going to find out from that, if anything. The medicines i’ve taken for acid don’t fix the problem, and I took medicine for inflammation and it didn’t fix the problem, so it can’t be simply inflammation. The only other thing I can think of is stomach ulcers but I’ve heard that stomach ulcers cause physical pain, not frequent nausea and acid problems. What could it be? I don’t want to lose hope but I’m starting to get scared. I’ve been so comfortable the past 6 months and cannot bare to live like this forever. I’m only 22 years old.Typo: I’ve been so UNCOMFORTABLE the past 6 months.
A: I have had problems with acid reflux as well and did not get relief from meds either.I found when I took vitamins, it made the reflux even worse.For me there is a simple solution that I tried out of sheer frustration and it has been the answer to my prayers.I put 2 tablespoons of “Bragg’s Apple Cider Vinegar with mother”in a glass of apple juice and sip it slowly. I do this in the morning and again before supper.Before bed as well if you need it.Since you already have acid you are probably wondering how acidic vinegar is going to help it, but it really does for me. It is available at health food stores. Google search about uses for apple cider vinegar and you would be amazed. I also haven’t had a cold in a few years. It workswonders for many different things.Good luck.
What should I do if??
Q: Ok listen to this I have been smoking weed for about 2 years now and until about 6 months ago I loved being high it was the best thing to do for me, but latley when I have been smoking I have had sharp pains coming from my chest spreading throughout my body.This mainly happened after smoking weed so evenutally I stoped for about 3 weeks and started up again and at first I was fine but now its doing it again, and I have been smoking since even with the pain. Finally yesterday I decided to stop ignoring it and do something about it so I went to the hospital and they said I have gastroesophageal reflux disease also known as acid reflex disease which occurs when to much acid builds up in your stomach, the causes of this are drinking alcohol, smoking weed, eating right before you go to bed, and eating certain types of fatty foods. I do all these things and because I’m 17 its going to be hard for me to stop smoking I dont drink that much but I do enough I’m going to cut down on what I eat and going to take medicine but what do you guys suggest i do its going to be hard for me to completley stop smoking weed. I figure if I lay off the other things but still smoke just not as much I should be fine what do you guys think???? help please
A: A couple years ago a coworker went to the doctor for acid reflux. Less than a year later he was dead from throat /esophagous/stomach cancer. Acid reflux is nothing to ignore. See a doctor and follow their directions faithfully.
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