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What not to do during pregnancy

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During pregnancy you should not smoke or be around people who do, drink alcohol, take illegal drugs or OTC w/o doc advice (MORE) [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/what-not-to-do-during-pregnancy ]
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When you are pregnant, you need to take good care of your body. Do not smoke, drink, or do drugs. Do not take any risks of things that could harm yourself or your baby.
DON’T * you already said smoke, drink alcohol * take medications that are not prescribed by or approved by your Dr * take in large amounts of caffeine * do any strenuous activities DO * start prenatal vitamins with folic acid * eat healthy …
Habits and Foods that Can Cause Birth Defects During your pregnancy your doctor will discuss all of the right things to do like get prenatal exams, take prenatal vitamins, engage in moderate exercise, and eat plenty of fruits and vegetables…

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How do you keep your relationship during pregnancy?
Q: I’ve heard that during pregnancy women get more difficult, like havung PMS for 9 months. How do you keep your relationship working great when you are pregnant? How do you deal with the idea the he might not be attracted to you anymore cause you are gaining weight, or because you’ve become this big green moody monster? What is healthy in a relationship during pregnancy?
A: My relationship with my husband has actually grown stronger. I’ve given him lots of reading materials about my hormonal changes so he understands I’m not always in control of my own body anymore. There have been times when it’s been rough, but on the whole my pregnancy has brought us closer together. We talk a lot more about our hopes and fears for the future. I think communication is key. As far as attraction is concerned…I haven’t noticed my husband “checking out” other women and he tells me daily how good I look (and he likes how I smell. apparently I smell differently. He even made a joke the other day that while God has given me cankles, he made up for it by makign me smell good.) I did want sex more earlier on in pregnancy (when I looked normal) but now at 8 months it’s the last thing on both of our minds. We just talk and laugh together. That’s what’s healthy for us. But it’s important to remember that every relationship adn every pregnancy is different.
What are the causes of a miscarriage during pregnancy?
Q: It’s something I’m asking more out of curiosity then anything else, even though it’s not something nice to think about.I’ve heard that miscarriages are likely within the first 3 months, or it there chances later on during pregnancy as well?What are things that women ought avoid doing during pregnancy that may cause a miscarriage?What would happen if there’s a miscarriage?Er. Thank you.
A: I am right now in the process of my 2nd miscarriage. It is a horrible thing, physically and emotionally. I would not wish this pain on anyone. One in every 5 pregnancies ends in miscarriage, and one in every 4 if you are over 35. A true miscarriage occurs during the first 12 weeks of pregnancy. After that, it is still possible to lose the baby at any time (though the chances are much slimmer). A loss after the first trimester is considered pre-term labor. There are many things women should avoid during pregnancy to protect their little ones. Changing cat litter, soft cheeses, deli meats, certain wrinkle creams- all of these things can be dangerous to the unborn child. For a more detailed list with explanations of their dangers, see http://www.bygpub.com/natural/pregnancy.htm. This is a list of things you should do and should not do during pregancy and a great source of information. If a miscarriage is happening, there is unfortunately nothing you can do to stop it. The most common cause of early miscarriages is a chromosomal defect that keeps the baby from developing properly. Even if you do everything right and avoid all the things you should avoid, you cannot keep miscarriage from happening if there was a chromosomal defect at conception. Signs of a miscarriage are cramps, lower back pain, pain in the right shoulder (I had this with both of my miscarriages), bleeding, or a brown discharge. That was the first sign for both of mine. Some people will be able to miscarry naturally with no need for d&c, the procedure used to remove all fetal tissue from the uterus. An ultrasound should be performed to be sure all fetal tissue has dissolved or been expelled. If so, you don’t need a d&c. If not, the procedure may have to be performed, or the doctor can give you medication to help you expel the rest. Keep in mind that a d&c scrapes out the ining of your uterus, which can make it harder to conceive the next time because the baby may have difficulty implanting. Also, many woman (like myself) have a tilted uterus, which makes it difficult to see the baby in ultrasound, so I recommend waiting a few weeks for another ultrasound before making a decision to have a d&c. See all the miracle stories on http://www.misdiagnosedmiscarriage.com. No matter which option you choose, your doctor will need to check your HcG levels (the hormone produced during pregnancy) to be sure they get back down to 0. After that, you should wait at least one normal period before trying again. I got pregant the second time 2 weeks after my first miscarriage (I did not wait for the period) and it ended in miscarriage, also, so I highly recommend waiting for that normal period befor trying again. I sincerely hope you never have to worry about any of this, but that should answer your questions. Good luck!
What facial products do you use during pregnancy?
Q: I am just wondering what brand of facial products people use during pregnancy. I have big pores and red spots and would like to find something safe to use, that is not expensive.
A: I like Avon. It’s gentle enough for pregnancy, and cost effective. You could nose around their website for a good deal… www.avon.comI like their face exfoliating/cleansing pads and the moisturizer. Nicer than drugstore products, not the cost of department stores.Hope that helps!
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