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What would cause vaginal bleeding not menstrual

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A:This complaint is often the result of minor alterations of physiological events caused by the influence of endogenous or MORE? [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/what-would-cause-vaginal-bleeding-not-menstrual ]
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What would cause vaginal bleeding not menstrual
This complaint is often the result of minor alterations of physiological events caused by the influence of endogenous or MORE?
What can cause heavy vaginal bleeding that is not a menstrual per…?
Excessively heavy menstrual bleeding (menorrhagia) Excessively heavy menstrual bleeding, called menorrhagia, is menstrual bleeding of greater than 5 tablespoons per month. This condition occurs in about 10% of women. The most common pattern…

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Something weird happened during sex last night, and now my vagina is bleeding?
Q: Yeah, it’s not my period…it’s wicked thin. I’m not sure if it’s the result of sex… My stomach hurt all day and stuff but it wasn’t really cramp-like. Um… so if anyone has ideas as to what causes non-menstrual vaginal bleeds, ideas would be appreciated.
A: Your question begins with “Something weird happened during sex last night…” but then you go on to say “…not sure if it’s the result of sex”. I guess my question would be what you think was weird? Was this the first time w/ this person? Were you sober? Have you no recollection of the event? When I’ve hurt women, (not a regular event ) I was made aware of it instantly. I agree, if it doesn’t clear up soon, see a gyn.
For the past month or more i have been noticing that im bleeding/spotting after intercourse. Why???
Q: I am a young woman, granted i have slept with multiple men, and i am also on mirena and have been for almost a year now, and since on mirena i do not recieve my menstrual cycle or any female problems that come with it. I was told it could be an infection or an STD. But what STD would cause vaginal bleeding/spotting after intercourse??? The bleeding/spotting isn’t heavy and doesn’t last, it’s just directly after intercourse. I go the bathroom, there’s some on my panties in the shape of a puddle but it’s not a puddle of blood, i can wipe myself once and it’s done, sometimes i have to wait a little and wipe again, but that’s it. I didnt think it to be a big deal except recently, as in the past week i have been in an extremely sexual relation in which intercourse is taking place more than once a day. It’s not rough sex either (neither is he big enough to tear me). Yet every time i spot afterward and im becoming extremely worried.
A: It could be the fact that you are on mirena and do not have periods. It could just be some break through bleeding from irritating your cervix to be on the positive side. Now, that you said you are extremely active and not practicing safe sex? I would consider the possibility that you could contract an STD…some options that cause bleeding after intercourse on that thought process are:Inflammation of the cervix (cervicitis) Sexually transmitted diseases, such as chlamydia or gonorrhea Cervical polyps Cervical ectropion, a condition in which the cervical tissue is more susceptible to abrasion Pelvic inflammatory disease Uterine fibroids Cancer of the cervix, uterus or vagina If you end up with discolored discharge, odor, cramping in addition to the bleeding you best get to the doctor immediately too. It would be safe to consider an exam soon though. Good Luck!
What can i ask my doctor to check ?
Q: something is wrong with me im 28 no kids sexual active same partner of 4yrs a couple of times i would start bleeding during sex. but i thought it was just cause my period was due.Here is my problem i’ve been having a lite period for about 3.5 months i’ve been to the doc twice saw 2 different docs the 1st told me take Motrin for the bleeding doc sent me to get some blood work done and get a pelvic ultrasound and a preg test. all came back normal and not preg. my iron is really low im anemic my normal doc put me on birth control pills necon777 and told me to try to lose some weigh. the pills are not working in fact when i got down to last week of them i was bleeding more than ever and having really bad cramps and passing large clots felt like the size of a baseball i was bleeding thru pads heavy (i know i would’ve went to the hospital then i was scared) i stop taking them i’m still bleeding its really light again. i go to the doc im really worried but she makes it seem like im fine. this is just not normal i dont have the best insurance i asked her to write me a referral to see a gyno. when is it vaginal bleeding and not a menstrual cycle cause i been bleeding too long
A: Ask you doctor to check your testosterone level and see if you may have PCOS it really messes with your cycles, check out www.soulcysters.com and see if any of the other symptoms apply to you.
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