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When your on your period how do you get rid of bad cramps

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Take something containing aspirin, ibuprofen, or OTC pain relievers, such as Pamprin or Midol. Try applying heat to lower stomach. [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/when-your-on-your-period-how-do-you-get-rid-of-bad-cramps ]
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When your on your period how do you get rid of bad cramps
Take something containing aspirin, ibuprofen, or OTC pain relievers, such as Pamprin or Midol. Try applying heat to lower stomach.
How to get rid of bad period cramps?
heating pads help ALOT. also yogurt helps, but my mom says it has to have “active yogurt cultures” yoplait lowfat yogurt is good.
How can i get rid of my bad cramps from my period??
cinammon tea always helps, and it’s natural. also try walking around the block. it always helps me. make sure to keep your feet warm- it’s an old grandma trick. and do not walk on cold tile while you’re barefooted.

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how do you get rid of cramps and back aches when your on period?
Q: i have really bad bad cramps and back aches and i dont no what to do to get rid of them i always get them when im on my period and im tired of taking the pain.
A: the thing that helps me the most is a hot bath as hot as you can stand it helps you muscles to relax and try to focus your attention elsewhere ie book etc. When you get out if still in pain try to keep muscles warm and loose by exercise or stretching focus on something you enjoy to help take your mind of itand theirs always your personal comfort foodif all else fails take a nap, you can’t feel the pain while unconscious
How can I stop these massive cramps when I have my period??
Q: I’m 16, so it isn’t like I’m new to having my period or anyway. Lately I have been getting really bad cramps during my period, almost to the point that it’s unbearable and I want to cry. I’ve tried taking tylenol and that helps a little, but not much. And even so on school days it wears off by about 11 and I would get in a lot of trouble for having tylenol at school.So my question is does anybody know how I can get rid of/ease my cramps?Also, when you have your period you usually gain a pound or two right? My second question is is there something you can do to stop that? I’m not worried about my weight or anything, but I’m just curious because I thought I heard a friend say that drinking tons of water helps with both cramps and weight gain.Thanks soooooo much!!!!Hey, thanks for the answers so far! Keep them coming, but I just wanted to mention I have soon-to-be 5 younger siblings. A few have various medicine allergies so we try to keep a lot of medications besides tylenol out of the house. So I’d like to try things not involving medications.Plus like I said I can’t have medicine in school which leaves the cramps coming back in the afternoon.
A: Your uterus is contracting to push out the unneeded lining which holds your unfertilized egg. This increased activity of the uterus has a ripple effect on surrounding tissues such as your intestines, which may cause digestive discomfort and gas. These syptoms are best avoided by getting regular exercise and stretch daily and drinking tons of water right before your period and during it. Nutritionally, stay far away from salt and other constipating foods like salts, dairy, fried food, candy and refined sugar. Cramping can feel worse with a bunch of hard pebbles in your gut. Increase fruit intake, fiber, water, honey (similar components as simple sugars like fruit)This sounds funny but you may need to practice better breathing, especially when cramping. Your uterus is contracting just like in child birth. At the beginning of a period for young women it could be strikingly similar to early labor. So breathe in deeply through the nose, and slowly out the nose or mouth until you feel better. The extra oxygen always helps to lighten the pressure and pain!
girls only question?
Q: well I just started my period a couple of days ago and I have a few questions.1 how do you get rid of really bad cramps 2 is a heavy period considered going through your pad and staining your underwear b/c I dont know if I have a heavy or light period3 I’m really moody like tired one minute then mad the second why do we do that when we are on our period
A: totally normal, just take midol or pamprin, execise, and the mood swings? all hormones.
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