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Why does it hurt after a wart is frozen

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Freezing warts does cause stinging in the area and is then followed by redness and a fairly immediate blistering reaction. The blistering can cause pain which can be treated with an OTC medication such as Advil. ChaCha on! [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/why-does-it-hurt-after-a-wart-is-frozen ]
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Why does it hurt after a wart is frozen
Freezing warts does cause stinging in the area and is then followed by redness and a fairly immediate blistering reaction. The blistering can cause pain which can be treated with an OTC medication such as Advil. ChaCha on!
How long does a wart hurt for after having it frozen??
As a rule, the pain lasts about five to ten minutes. However, sometimes, an underlying nerve gets frozen, and the pain will linger. I suspect that is what happened to you. You may want to call the physician who froze it, and discuss it with…

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Had wart removed/ frozen off… hours later still in excruciating pain. Please help?
Q: Approximatley 5 hours ago I had a wart removed by my doctor. He froze the wart that was on the inside of my toe. I have a high tolerance for pain however this was and still is causing me excruciating pain. The toe is very sensitive and feels as though there is a knife stuck in it. I realize there are an abundance of nerve endings in the toe, which is why this hurts so bad. However is it normal to still be in this much pain hours after the freezing of the wart? And if so, what can I do to reduce the pain? I have taken over the counter pain killers throughout the day. Thanks so much
A: Not really anything. Just grin and bear it. It will be over tomorrow.
How to get rid of planters wart on bottom of foot? Tried everything!!?
Q: I have never before had a wart in my entire life, and about six or seven months ago I noticed a tiny bump on the pad of my left foot. I am a college student, but there has never been a single time that I didn’t wear flip-flops in the shower and I never walk around in bare feet. I went to the dermatologist after trying for several months to get rid of it and she said she couldn’t freeze it off because it was on the pad of the foot and that area is too sensitive. She gave me some medicine to put on it and I’ve literally tried everything. I got it down until there was nothing left to it and it was completely raw. It looked absolutely gone (this took months!). And now after the area has healed, I have about three or four tiny new bumps in the same place the first one was. Does anyone have any suggestions for me?? I’m not sure what to do; the dermo won’t treat it and I’ve tried their medicine, duct tape, over the counter stuff, etc. If anyone has suggestions I would greatly appreciate it! (It’s not noticable in the slightest, it just hurts to walk on it.) Why did suddenly new ones appear when the old one was completely gone?? Help please!
A: Go to the health section of the grocery and get some Wheat Germ Oil. Takes awhile, but dab some on daily and cover with a band-aid. It is an old remedy that works, just takes time.. I had planters warts when younger and could not get them burned off either. An older lady told me of the Wheat Germ Oil, took about 5 months (I had them quite badly by this time) but they all went away. and it has been more the 20 years and no return yet. During the last month when the warts look like they are “turning inside out” it may be slightly painful, but continue on.. it will work.. .Good Luck!
Bleomycin Injection for a Plantars Wart?
Q: I had a injection of Bleomycin in a plantar wart on the bottom of my foot. My dr. had tried pulse dye laser, freezing, surgically removed and it still came back so he injected it with Bleomycin. The wart he did it seems to have gone, but now I notice a couple of small ones starting plus there is an area at the top of the scar from surgical incision that seems to be raw and it bleeds ver and hurts when you press on the sides of it. I became ill shortly after the injection with an upper respiratory infection and I have read that you shouldn’t have treatment performed on a plantars wart during an active infection. Can someone tell me why? Also, what is the likelihood of this thing coming back since I feel like I am still walking with a pebble in my shoe even though there doesn’t appear to be obviously large wart. How successful really is using bleomycin? I read it has cure rate of anywhere between 16% and 94%, which to me doesn’t seem that effective. Any imput would be greatly appreciate
A: You may find the link below helpful;
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