Are pregnant women ticklish

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Many people, including pregnant women, are ticklish. They happen to be more sensitive to being tickled. ChaCha! [ Source: ]
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Is it true women ar emore ticklish when pregnant??
Since I have become pregnant I have not been as ticklish.

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Are pregnant Women ticklish on their bellies?
Q: My wife used to be so ticklish on her stomach but now that she is pregnant it does nothing. Does the ticklish sensation come back after the baby is born or does it go away forever? Just curious.
A: It does come back! At lest it did for me, I was hoping to lose that tickle spot but no luck 🙂 Congrats on the baby!!
Ladies!! Are pregnant women still ticklish in their sides,?
Q: or are U more ticklish other places like the feet, armpits etc…
A: just because a woman is pregnant doesn’t mean they lose their ticklish feelings…….sense of humor maybe
can pregnant women still be ticklish? if so, where?
A: lol yea they can still be ticklish…and it’s diff for every person my tickle spot is diff than urs u know what i mean…but just try wherever she was ticklish before lol
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