Are there any symptoms of being pregnant after 2 weeks

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A delayed or missed menstruation is the most common pregnancy symptom leading a woman to test for pregnancy. ChaCha! [ Source: ]
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What are the symptoms, besides a missed period, of being pregnant…?
The 1st signs of pregnancy are tender breasts, fatigue, missed period, nausea, food cravings, and frequent urination.

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Could I be pregnant? Do symptoms show after only 2 weeks?
Q: The last day of my last period was September 11th. I usually have a 19-21 day cycle. Yeah, I know normally it’s supposed to be 28, but mine doesn’t work that way. I hate it. But still, my period was supposed to come the 29th of September through the 2nd of October. I haven’t had ANY symptoms at all of my period. My breasts feel fine, my back is fine, I am much gasier! But my period is a little late and my boyfriend and I had sex on the 21st. There was precum though, but we used to “pull out” method. Can you even get pregnant from precum? Suggestions or facts will help insanely. Are there any things I should be looking out for and when should I take a test? Thank you very much ladies!by the way, ive heard many different things about precum so i didn’t know which was true, so for those who answered politely and kindly, THANK YOU! and i’m 23 btw. but i’ll keep updates on here. OH! also, sometimes when i pat myself after using the restroom, there is light spotting, but very light. but where i pat it feelsli ke a cut is there so maybe its just that, i’m not sure. thanks for all the help so far.Okay so still no period. I have RANDOM cramps though. almost like someone is just stabbing me in the stomach for such a short amount of time, but its just like having my period cramps. but still no period. any other ideas?
A: “Precum” is semen. Of course you can get pregnant. There is a term for folks who use the “Withdrawal Method” as birth control: parents.To prevent pregnancy, a hormone-based birth control is the most reliable, though it will provide NO protection against STDs. Otherwise, you should be using condoms.There are pregnancy tests like First Response that should be able to tell you if you are pregnant.
Is there any way possible I got pregnant after 3 weeks?
Q: My LMP was 6/4/08 and after no AF and 2 HPT which were BFN’s. I thought pregnancy, I had a blood serum test done and was told it was a BFN.Just last week though I had what I beleive was implantation bleeding or spotting on and of for like 3 1/2 days, NEVER in my life had I had a period like this or skipped a month for no reason (except when I was preggers with child #1. Since I have irregular periods I wouldn’t be surprised if I ovulated later than I thought around the last week of June or first week of July… Which means that it took from conception, fertilization, to implantation a total of about 2 1/2 – 3 weeks………Is this possible???I have a few symptoms like tender tingly nipples, and thin milky discharge, very slight nausea, and a lot of heartburn, with very few headaches, o and have been getting very emotinal and moody.
A: Yeah it is. : )It only took me 2 wks with this one!
9.5 weeks pregnant after 2 miscarriages last year…..?
Q: Im currently 9.5 weeks pregnant….I had 2 miscarriages last year – 1 at 5/6 weeks and the 2nd at 7/8 weeks… I feel im doing really well this time :)However, I am constantly stressing out, if I get a twinge in my lower back I freak and go to the toilet to see if there is any blood (there isn’t), or if I have a twinge in my lower abdomen I freak thinking something is happening to bub….I actually had a slight scare when i saw a spot of blood on mothers day….calmed myself down and went to the doc on the following tuesday – doc put me in for an emergency scan and everything was perfect – bub had a hb of 171bpm…..but I just cant seem to settle myself. I still have the normal symptoms such as: Insomnia, constant tiredness, morning sickness, headaches, sore boobs etc….But after my past pregnancies and remebering the time I asked the doctor “how can I have miscarried when I only threw up in the morning” the doc replies – “its the sac the baby is in which actually is the reasoning for your morning sickness and hormone imbalances”……so with this in my mind this time – and just under 3 weeks away from my next scan (12 week scan)….I just cant settle the thought that im going to get bad news…..Im in love with this bub soooooo much – and cant bare to loose another bub….but I wanna see if anyone else has had the same thing or similar thing happen to them and everything be ok????
A: I had 2 miscarriages last year aswell. The first one was totally devastating because it was our first try. Second time, we both agreed not to get our hopes up at all until we saw a little heart beat, unfortunately it didn’t even get that far, I miscarried 2 days after finding out I was pregnant. That time was hard but nowhere near as hard as the first time.I fell pregnant (this time successfully) for a third time and was worrying all the way to 12 weeks. Christmas night I had a pretty big bleed when I went to bed so I took a trip to the hospital to find out that everything was still ok.I know it’s so hard but you just have to try and keep your mind off the bad things that you think are happening or are going to happen. The stress certainly won’t do you or the baby any good.It’ll work out… just sit back and enjoy it otherwise the 40 weeks will feel like 80!! Time just stops still when you are worrying.
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