Are there female sharks

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Yes – there are female sharks and they have been known to get pregnant on their own! Weird! [ Source: ]
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How can you tell a male from a female shark?
Male sharks have paired intromittent organs called claspers. Claspers are modifications of the pelvic fins and are located on the inner margin of the pelvic fins. Females do not have claspers.
What is a female shark called?
a female shark is called a female.
What is female great white shark called?
Female sharks are just called ‘females’ – no special name. a female great white has small fins on the bottom named claspers, lets you tell males from females

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Is there any other known cases of partheogenesis except Jesus? : Saleem Shirazi?
Q: I have hear about the case with this female shark in some Georgia aquarium, and even in monitor lizards. But human??? Saleem Shirazi
A: Parthenogenesis is defined as the spontaneous development of an unfertilized gamete.Even in the christian mythology, there is no claim that this is the origin of Jesus. An unfertilized egg, containing only an X chromosome, would develop into a female.
Female only?
Q: In an artical from Belfast scientist, its wrote that a female shark is in a tank with only other female sharks and shes been in there for three and a half years and now shes pregnant How can this be true ?
A: The shark has self fertilised the egg due to the lack of a male present to do it.It’s not common but does happen from time to time with some species.The downside is that the offspring only has it’s mother’s DNA so it becomes something of a weak link in the evolutionary chain.
With sharks becomming more and more on the verge of extinction, what can man do to reverse the trend?
Q: There is a guy from Florida who just caught a 1000 pound hammerhead shark off the Florida coast. He was targetting female sharks, and that’s only worsening the situation. Mankind is so shamefully evil against other creatures that God put on this earth. Before long, we will only start to do in ourselves.The shark’s habitat is the ocean. We go into the habitat to swim, to fish, to do other things. We fish alright, by catching and killing sharks for shark fin soup, shark steaks, etc. Then we piss and moan when a shark attacks a human. It’s pretty hypocritical. Very rarely will a shark attack a human, compared to the incidence of a human attacking a shark. People act like the shark needs to just give up while we kill it for food. It’s really not right!
A: The next time there’s a shark scare, swim out to where they are and offer the nice sharks the hand of friendship. Better yet, offer them both hands….Then come back and tell us what happened. Since your hands will be sharksh*t by then, TYPE WITH YOUR TOES….
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