Are you able to get pregnant right after you get off your period

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Yes, for some women there is hardly a day in the menstrual cycle when they are NOT potentially fertile. ChaCha 24/7! [ Source: ]
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Are you able to get pregnant right after you get off your period?
Yes, for some women there is hardly a day in the menstrual cycle when they are NOT potentially fertile. ChaCha 24/7!

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PCOS did you every feel deep down you wont ever be able to have kids- but found you were pregnant?
Q: I’m abit miserable today purely because AF arrived after 8 weeks and 6 days! Me and my partner did everything right bedded on ovulation had symptoms etc. and I managed to hold off testing for a while but it didnt work 🙁 I suffer from PCOS but my period has been regular – I was told back in feb I have multiple cysts on my ovaries and even though its not impossible to conceive it will be hard – I told my doctor in September I was trying to conceive (basically looking for medical help) and he pretty mucg shrugged me off as im only 20 (no rude comments please I asks questions on here because people are friendly and nice and rude comments put me off using this site) I have been with my partner for a long time and he has a daughter from a previous relationship and his ex is currently 8 months pregnant I AM SO JEALOUS. I would be a good mum, I have my own house and I work full time WITH my partner (thats how we met) we both feel ready to have a child but theres this feeling…….No matter how much I think im pregnant when I miss a period, deep down in my heart I feel like I will never be able to get pregnant! Like something is telling me I’m not able to, I will never experience being pregnant or calling someone my daughter/son…Please can anyone tell me if they felt like this and then become pregnant I would be soo grateful I need some hope please :)Thank you for your answers, and good luck TTC 🙂
A: i am also 20 years old and trying for number two so trust me i know how the rude comments can be but i had that same feeling i was told by doctors i would never be able to concieve but obviously I did…i always felt like i would never be able to get pregnant and i feel like my purpose in life is to have babies and raise a family but last december i found out i was pregnant…i hope for the best and some advise is right after AF make love every night and dont move after your done thats how I got my miracle…good luck and lots of baby dust…i hope i made you feel a little better and if you ever just need to talk xxlookimupherexx is my yahoo sn
first period since baby- feeling sick, normal?
Q: I just had my baby three months ago and am getting my period for the first time. It started either thursday or friday night then on Saturday night I started feeling sick. Lightheaded/dizzy, nausious, lack of appitite, stomach pains, just not feeling right. The pains in my stomach aren’t like period pains though, they are just, well, different. I don’t know where your overies are or if that might be something with them, but the pain is on and off. At first I thought the stomach flu, then thought omg it might be my appendix because the pain is so different. Is this normal when you first start your period after not having it so long? The pain didn’t start right away when I got it either. I am going to the doctors tomorrow, but curious if anybody else felt this when they started back up again. The stomach pain started on the left side then to the right on and off. not like cramps either, I think I already said that, just posted this up and it deleted before I was able to post it up so trying to remember how I worded everything. Either way thanks in advanced. Also p.s. I am not pregnant again so that is ruled out.First I want to say thanks for your answers it is making me feel more at ease. Also now that I am thinking of it was your blood darker? Mine seems like it was never bright red like it was before but like ‘older’ looking blood. And I also spotted twice before I started my period, both in the same month about a week 1/2 apart. I know I should just bring this up to the doctor, but is that normal also?Another also (lol sorry) but I am newer to the area I live in and the only doctor that I have had here is my ob/gyn for the pregnancy. Should I go to her or should I find a family doctor? I have read nothing but bad reviews for the family doctors around here, but not sure if my ob/gyn would be able to help with it if it isn’t related, if that makes since. Suggestions appreciated.Again thanks all for the answers!
A: When I got my first period postpartum it was different than my “normal” periods…It was more intense…more intense cramps, bleeding etc….everything associated with my period before. Just throwing this out there – is it possible you may be experiencing gas cramps? When I get my period my GI system tends to go a little haywire, and thank goodness it didn’t with my first postpartum period – but I could only imagine those cramps…different than period cramps, but still painful – they tend to migrate around and I don’t often experience any symptoms of GI upset other than cramping until a few days after my period begins…when the gas cramps first started (when I was around 22 – years after I first got my period) I was very baffled.
Pregnant or Not? The Ultrasound Tech Would Have Said While Looking At My Gall Bladder Right?
Q: On November 18, 2008, I lost my son-he was stillborn. At the end of December, his father and I had sex for the first time since having our son and soon after I got back on my birth control pills after my check-up. I have been to the doctor a couple of times since then – once to check my gall bladder and once because I got mono – So I haven’t exactly been very healthy since having my son, but I still have been having the weirdest symptoms and I can’t help but wonder if I’m pregnant again or not … I have been pushing them off as symptoms from my gall stone and getting over mono, but the more my friends and family talk about it the more I start to wonder now. Although when I went into the doctor at the end of January for my gall bladder, they had to do an ultrasound to check everything and make sure that’s what was wrong, so if I WAS pregnant, wouldn’t they have seen it then?? I wanted to see what others think before I went and got tested-it’s 4 in the morning, I can’t sleep, and I can’t get a test until the store opens at 10 (I’m from a VERY small town-there’s no 24 hour stores here like WalMart), So I thought I’d see what you all thought on here before I start thinking too much into this. I keep telling myself it’s either my gall bladder, the mono, or my mind/body still missing being pregnant and wanting it back. My symptoms go from sleeping all the time to not being able to sleep at all-yet either way I’m tired almost all the time, nausea (I have thrown up a couple times a few days back), headaches, stomach cramps, dizziness, and Very moody!**Also, I am still on the pill, and I have been getting my period (as I did in my first pregnancy for the first 3 months-but I wasn’t on BC then) but the weird thing was that instead of getting my period at the end of the pack, I’m just now getting over it, and I’m in the middle of my pack?**’Thank you all for your thoughts & any advice! God Bless! :-)**The last few days I have also had the weirdest, rather nastiest taste in my mouth as well-I think I’ve been brushing my teeth about 30 times a day! That’s probably from the Mono right?**
A: You should go to the doctor and get a test it could still just be your hormones getting back to normal or you could be pregnant, your doctor wouldn’t have been looking at your uterus when you had your scan so they could easily have missed it especially if your early on. I am sorry for the loss of your son and I hope everything works out the way you want.
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