Are you ever right

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Brother Ezra had a Slate piece this summer about the many empirical problems with the argument that capping medical malpractice suits would be a major source of cost reduction for the American medical system. (As Ezra points out, the overwh…
Was Ron Paul right?
Fed Chairman Bernanke called Ron Paul’s allegation bizarre, but there is some evidence of heightened Fed secrecy in the Watergate years….
Did Macmillan finally get e-textbooks right?
Just when I was about to lose faith in the emergence of real, useful, interactive textbooks with smart DRM, Macmillan may have just come along to save the day. s Larry Dignan posted the highlights of Macmillans new DynamicBooks this morning…

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Do liberals believe anything is ever absolutely right or wrong?
Q: Is rape ever right? What about murder?For those who count yourself among the liberals, do you believe that there are any absolutes? Is the search to be right always the first step to hate, crime, and injustice? Is the cure to discrimination to be entirely indiscriminate? That is, to never use your knowledge to try and do what is right? Doesn’t any rational person have to employ discrimination in any decision he or she makes?
A: Actually, I’m a liberal and I DO believe that some things are absolutely right or wrong. For example, I believe that rape and murder are ALWAYS wrong, regardless of the circumstances. I also believe that it is wrong to invade countries that pose absolutely no threat to your own. I believe that it’s absolutely wrong to do things that harm your own environment. I believe that it’s absolutely wrong to harm innocent humans and animals. The list goes on. While I may have a tolerance for ambiguity, I do believe that some things are absolutely right or wrong.
Politically speaking do you think Pundits are ever right? Do you value their opinions if so why?
Q: I rarely ever pay attention to them unless they’re former campaign managers or anything associated with elections because least they have experience when it comes to elections but outside of elections I rarely value their opinion. Normally I like my sources in journals and peer reviewed essays for political argument–especially Foreign Policy.
A: yes, i do.
Is it ever right to surrender in a fight?
Q: Suppose your being totally dominated. Is it ever right to surrender and hope your opponent is in a merciful mood. Or should you fight to the bitter and bloody end.I suppose it depends on your opponent. If it was a friend and it was sort of a friendly fight or just messing around. Or if someone is really trying to kill you. I suppose that would make the difference.
A: No, you never surrender in a fight. First off, if your fighting, then the opponent would have not one problem beating you into a bloody mess or in more serious cases, to death. Im in Martial Arts and if there is one thing i learned its to try and walk away from a fight as much as you can, because if its just words, there is just no point in beating someone badly because in a while you’ll forget it ever happened, but the only excuse to fight is for self defense. Also if your fighting someone, whether it be for fun or to the death, you always stand a better chance showing your confident and throwing strikes then begging them to stop while curled up in a little ball.
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