Can i be pregnant if its been a month since my last period

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Periods can always be late or early, but a missed period is a good sign that one may be pregnant. Keep ChaCha-ing!! [ Source: ]
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Am I pregnant? Its been around 2 months since my last period.?
ok, ・ 1) i don’t know what to tell you about your period. ・ 2) it is possible to gain wait in the belly and no where else without being pregnant. ・ 3) by three pregnancy test, use them all and if two or more come out positive you are most l…
Am I pregnant it only been about a month since my last period but…?
You might and you might not. You didn’t say when you had sex, but even if you had sex the day your period ended, you wouldn’t even be 4 weeks. I don’t think you’d be feeling symptoms this early on. If you’re regular, you’re period should be…
How can you tell if ur pregnant its been 3 months now since my la…?
Everyone is saying to take a test, and that is true, but you are asking for symptoms. For me, besides missing my period, I was very tired, and my breasts were tender. Another symptom could be nausea, which I never had. Home tests aren’t rea…

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Does this sound like i am pregnant…. its driving me crazy…..?
Q: had sex May 14th-19th. Other than that i hadnt had sex since nov. I am on BC for 7 months now. We used a condom all but on the 14th. He pulled out everytime. ever since then i have been burping a lot for no reason. I guess i have air or gas in my stomach. My last period was the week of May 4th. Yesterday i started getting cramps. I have seen a faint line starting at my belly button that goes UP which there is an oval darker shape. about halfway to my boobs. The line is very faint. I have seen the oval before but it has gone away.I started my placebo pills on sunday. Is there still a chance i can see my period. if i remember right i think i see my period either yesterday, today or maybe tomorrow. Why have i been burping so much….thanksI have been worrying myself nuts over this. I forgot to add that i took a test this morning, and it was negative, but after i took it i noticed i had it upside down. I have figured if i was to be pregnant id be 4 weeks. Was it too early to test…All last week i ate a lot and craved things, just like i do when im fixing to start my period. my pms symptoms start a week before and last week i have beeen in the worst mood. My fiance thinks im crazy annd oveer worrying. He doesnt think that i could be pregnant because i am on BC and we used condoms all but on the 14th and he pulled out….
A: Perhaps you should talk to your doctor about this line on your body.As for being pregnant, there are a wide variety of symptoms but they all can resemble PMS it’s very hard to tell the difference.I wouldn’t worry about being pregnant since you are using BC. Just relax and go about your business, your period will be here soon enough.
Could these symptoms be a sign of early pregnancy please help me if they are signs?
Q: My last period was 4/28 2009 and I was having unprotected sex with my boyfriend which we are hoping to have a child together even before my period came on that day. Any way these past days I have been feeling like I am pregnant cause my lower back hurts with pains or just dull pains at time, feeling like I want to throw up but never did, don’t want to get up in the mornings to go work which I always get up at quarter to 7 am now getting up at 7:30 am, once its mid day I just feel like I want to sleep, having cramps in my belly like my period pains but just without bleeding, my breasts gets very tender and its swollen,now I am curving for only one type of food, recently I have been getting very up set quickly, my body feels very bolting, and just few days ago I have been going to the bathroom even more regular than usual also more in the morning like around 4-5 am, and just this morning that I was looking for something at work bending down I have got that dizzy. Now can someone tell me if am pregnant cause I did take a home test on the 6th may 2009 and it was negative or maybe I did it to early or I must wait until I get my period for this month which is 528 2009. Could this be that My boyfriend and I have got our wish.If I am really pregnant how to go about dealing with it, like what to do and what not to do since its my first time having a baby.
A: Is too early, u have to wait at least to the end of May and try the pregnancy test again, good luck.
I really really need a lot of help with this?
Q: Hello,So im that girl who has been asking this same question over and over. But i have to have some new answers even though the others were great! Thanks.Please read the whole thing. Please.So i am worrying that i am pregnant because of every symptom and the fact that i am in my ming getting a little tummy. Aparently if you were to ask my mom dad or friends i am not getting a tummy and its all in my imagination. This brings me to my next topic…Ways i CANT be pregnant:1. I have never ever ever had sex and i never “fooled around” or even kissed a boy. I am a VERY innocent 13 year old girl.2. I went to the doctor and they chatted with me and did a pregnancy test of sort, and incase you were curious it came back negitive. (This test was taken in the morning, with first urine, and taken at least 2 weeks after my missed period.So yes those are two very very good reasons of why i cant be pregnant but heres where i need your help, What are these symptoms??I have every symptom out there! From cravings, to missed period, to a swollen stomach, to the nasuea.Here are some explanations.Missed period: I just started out and only had 2 very very very irregular periods. Nausea: I suffer from anxiety disorder and IBS (irratible bowel sydrom)Food cravings: ???And just a whole bunch more ????? marks.I am sooooo concerned that i cause myself dizziness and more nausea and i cry every day too much! And its hard for me to not push on my stomach constantly hoping there is no baby inside. This will countiue to go on for months if i dont get help. It has been going on since Decmber. Which sucks.So here is what i NEED you to answer…1. Can i be pregnant by any chance? Btw the ways i think i could be are…. Toliet seat, towel, swimming pool. Possible?2. What could these symptoms be?Now before i ask my last question i need to put in a little more info. Today i experiences Chest pains, Heartburn, and horrible cramps. Those hurt bad. Anyways i got those cramps and the horrible heartburn for about a week before my first period.With that heres my last question.3. Do you think some of this could be my period coming, and i could be delaying it with stress.Thank you a TON and i will choose a best answer if you answer all three questions and so i will choose A best answer. Anyways, thanks so much.Thanksemg
A: 1.) sperm can only survive for about a minute outside the body, so there isnt any way you can be pregnant. plus, the test was negative, so thats definitely not it2.) if you have eaten spicy or greasy food that day, that can certainly cause heartburn. the cramps could be the IBS or your period on its way3.) stress can delay periods, or make them lighter, or irregularif you are 13 you are probably still settling into the rhythm of your cycle, it can take several years to get a regular cycle going. please try not to worry. remember – you can always ask your mum or doctor anything.
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