Can a boy get preg

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No, a male cannot get pregnant as he does not have the correct female reproductive organs that a pregnancy requires. ChaCha! [ Source: ]
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Are you more liekly to have a boy if you get preg after yourt per…?
There is no scientific research that supports that you can influence the sex/gender of your baby by having sex at a specific time or in a specific way. You are however more likely to get pregnant after your period because you will begin to …
Can you get preg if the boy only put it in once??
No there is a very very low percent that you could get pregnant unless he cummed inside of you.. theres really no way
Is it true that people who get preg on cloimd have more girls tha…?
I heard the opposite. In fact, everyone I know who has taken Clomid has had a boy or a set of twins with at least 1 boy in the set. It depends on the timing of intercourse. Male sperm swims faster but dies quickly whereas female sperm will …

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What should be the consequences of 17yr boy with preg 14yr gf?
Q: I got into a debate with my coworkers over this. I’d like to hear more opinions. Here’s the situation:They’ve been together less then a year. Boy had a great working relationship with her dad. Was allowed to date his daughter. She is known for wearing the pants in the relationship (yes even at their age!) That boy was whipped! lol. Now they find out she’s 3 months preg. Age of consent is 15 in AZ. If charges were to be pressed(but i don’t think they are) he could get 5 years in jail. My opinion is that it takes two to tango. And even though she’s only 14, knowing her, I have no problem saying she wouldn’t have done it if she didn’t want too. She probably initiated. I believe jailing the boy solves absolutely nothing, and only keeps him from offering what little he can for their baby (its his just as much as it is hers.) Why do so many people in this society punish the boy for something that both were involved in? His life is now changed just as much as hers is….I’m so interested because my coworker would vouch for locking him away. I wonder if its cuz she has 2 kids 3 and under and the dad isn’t around, so they’re are her kids and who needs fathers anyways lol.
A: If the boy is “whipped” as you say and really loves this girl, had a good relationship with the father (they liked him I guess), then why not give him a chance to do the right thing. Just as you say, jailing him solves nothing and prevents him from stepping up to the plate and being a father to this baby (if that’s what they decide). 17 and 14 are still just kids, still in high school, I don’t see this as a criminal act.
I saw on the news that a 13 year old boy got a girl preg and she had a baby.?
Q: I know for a fact that young guys can get girls pregnant. My brother is 14 and he did it. I know a kid that is 12 that did it. Why is this on the news so much?
A: because there is more than one young boy claiming to be the father of that baby. Teenagers get pregnant, not all teenage fathers step up, so to have more than one for this baby is remarkable.
my sister needs a place to stay, but my husband doesn’t want her to. what shoult I do?
Q: O.K here’s how it goes. my 18 yr old sister snuck out of parents house ran away with a boy, got preg, boy doesn’t want her no more and now she is 5 mo pregnant and no where to go. My mom and step dad are older and I don’t think they can handle a baby and I don’t know what else to do but let her move in with me. Not for forever just until she has the baby and can find means to support it. I can see where my husband is comming from, we have our own child and our own bills. He thinks she got herself into this mess she can get herself out of it, but that is my sister if she didn’t have me what else could she do? should I go against my husband and move her in anyway? I can’t turn her down. Does anybody have any other options?
A: For a moment, think about this. If this was your daughter, what would you want her to do? Would you want to be there for her or would you expect your other child to take her in? Bottom line is that she is 18, and an adult. What are her plans? Sounds like a family meeting may be in order here, if it would be accepted by your sister. Are your folks able to provide the temporary housing while she has her child and is able to stabilize her own family. If she is willing to accept the housing, maybe you can offer childcare or other assistance, such as being a mentor and wonderful Aunt. This is a tough family situation that is playing out in many families. Your main priority, though has to be your own family. If you have the ability to offer more, then do it. You are not turning your back on her, you are doing what ever you can to help her and love her. She will be ok, with a loving supportive family… she will be ok, and so will her child. She will need to do a lot of growing up, before her child is born. Enabling her will stunt this important growth, remember this. She needs to see the situation for what it is and be able to handle her life maturely and do what is in the best interest of her child. That may mean living with mom and step dad for awhile and acting like an adult and not a teenager. Good luck to you, and remember to just count your blessings.
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