Can a girl get pregnant before her first period

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One of the biggest myths surrounding pregnancy is that a girl can’t get pregnant before she gets her first period. That MORE? [ Source: ]
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Can a girl get pregnet before her first period?
no! it is imposible to get pregnet right before you first period
When can a girl first become pregnant can she get pregnant before…?
It’s one out of a million but it was heard of once. It depends on the age. Yes you can get pregnant before you’re first period. Many girls who haven’t had their first period give birth. It’s more than one in a million but I think it may dep…
Is it true that a girl can get pregnant before their first period…?
er yes the reason you bleed when you have a period is to wash away the egg so u could have sex when u’ve started but u havent realised so be careful if u want free condoms go to ur nearest doctors.x

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Can a young girl get pregnant before her very first period?
Q: In my biology class, my instructor said something that really got me thinking. Is it possible for a young girl who has never had per period before to get pregnant? I don’t mean those girls who have sex within 24 hours of their first menstrual cycle–since the sperm can survive inside for 2 days & the egg is “waiting.” I’m talking about a girl who has sex months or years before her first period. I know some girls don’t get their periods until they’re at least 16. I understand even 16 is a young age for sex, not to mention anything younger. But this question has been in my head for awhile now. I believe I’ve already answered my own question, but perhaps someone can confirm my theory? Or perhaps disprove it with support? This topic isn’t covered much in any books I’ve looked in. I’m guessing it’s because girls should be having sex when they’re so young anyways.
A: It’s possible for a girl to get pregnant before her first period…but not years before…she could get pregnant if he body was just getting ready for her first period.Before a woman has a period she ovulates, (releases an egg) which can get fertilised if she has sex. If she doesn’t have sex in this time the unfertilised egg and lining of the womb will come out as a period. If she does have sex and the egg is fertilised then it will iplant into the lining of the womb and grow into a baby. So if a young girl had sex during this fertile period (about two weeks before her first period SHOULD start) then yes, she can get pregnant and then, obviously, will not have a period for around 40 weeks.
can a girl get pregnant before she has her first period? if her Hymen isnt broken yet?
Q: can a girl get pregnant before she has her first period? if her Hymen isnt broken yet? Im doing research and I cant find out this answer anywhere it regards rape and other forms of sexual abuse.I just need to know if a girl who’s a virgin and havent had sexual intercourse or had her menstral period can become pregnant.
A: No if she’s a virgin she can not get pregnant unless your talking about in vitro. A girl can get pregnant before her first period and if her hymen isn’t broken.
can a girl get pregnant before her first periods?
A: yep !
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