Can a girl get pregnant on her last days of her period

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You can get pregnant whether you’re having your period or not. However, it’s not as common as other times. ChaCha for now! [ Source: ]
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Can you a girl get pregnant on the last day of her period??
First I will always say that unless you are abstinent, there is always a possibility of being pregnant. Yes, you can get pregnant. Common myths suggest that you cannot get pregnant while on your period, that is false information as well; al…
Is it possible to get a girl pregnant on the last day of her peri…?
Definitely. A woman can ovulate at any time during her cycle, including while she is menstruating. If she generally has cycles that are shorter than 28 days, and if her periods are several days long, it is not at all unlikely that she cou…
Can a girl get pregnant if he has sex on the last day of her peri…?
yes.Go get 3 pregnancy tests.I say get 3 because sometimes the 1st and second don’t work.

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can a girl get pregnant in the beginning, middle, or last days of her period cycle?
Q: she told me on friday or saturday that she was going to start her period or that she did start her period. (idk when if she startded it before friday, on friday or saturday). we did it on monday and she was still on her period. i came in her 2 or three times. i didnt believe her about her period but she started bleeding a bit after we showered.
A: Yes, a girl can get pregnant at any time of her cycle. When she’s on her period, the chances are lower, but it’s still possible. Use a condom unless you’d like to be a daddy soon.
can you get a girl pregnant on the last day of her period without having sex but from precum residue leftover?
A: Get real, dude. Didn’t u read anything growing up and N O W the internet is full of information. Maybe YOU should not be having sex at all if you are really this irresponsible and dumb. You definitely do not need to procreate!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Anyway, keep reading………………… posted 07-03-2008 07:39 AM ——————————————————————————–I think I know what you mean. Actually, as long as the sperm remains in the semen, then it can live for up to 20 minutes or so without dying. So if a man were to ejaculate, and then 5 minutes later scoop up some of it with his fingers, and then finger a woman, she has had a pregnancy risk from that.But if you accidentally touched some semen, and then wiped your hand, the sperm would die, because it is very fragile and can only really survive in a safe environment (in semen or in a vagina–even though a vagina isn’t always the most hospitable place for sperm, it’s still better than open air
Can a girl get pregnant exactly 1 day after her period?
Q: im asking this question for my friend. well he took his girl virginity out of love. the day he had sex with her. it was exactly one day after her period. she always gets her period on like the 26. and her periods last 6-7 days. well he fingered her and pop her cherry. than finish it off with 2 penetrations and thats when all the blood came out. my friend says he check his penis before he inserted it was dry no pre cum or nothing . by the way it was unprotected. than pulled out check again there was nothing and than he stopped for good. did have no more intercourse. than he told me 2-3 mins later after he was done that’s when all the cum was cumming out im guessing it was pre cum cause h e didn’t ejaculate. well can she be pregnant? what are the chances one day after her period is gone? she has a heavy flow. well what are the chances.. be real here bring in some science facts into this or statistics in your answers so i can let him know . thank you.
A: you should know fertile days of women – learn below
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