Can a girl have a baby without knowing

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This is entirely possible: the TLC show I Didn’t Know I Was Pregnant explores the stories of women in this situation. ChaCha on! [ Source: ]
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How do u know u are going to deliver a baby boy or girl without s…?
The Chinese gender chart was correct with 2 of my 3 pregnancies. Other then that the old wives tales never worked for me. I asked a similar question before and the Chinese chart was the most accurate. Good Luck

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How can i conceive a baby girl?
Q: I want 2 children i already have a perfectly healthy lil boy but now he is 2 and i think now would be a good time to have another child but i’ve always wanted 1 boy & 1 girl so how can i have a girl without paying $18000.00 for gender selection, i want my next child to be a girl naturally without having to take medications and such. Please help me and i know either way as long as its healthy i will love it i just want my baby girl. Please help me.
A: Hey hun, I have done loads of research on this & have Alot of input. HOW TO INCREASE YOUR CHANCES OF CONCEIVING A GIRL; 1; Have sex 2-3days BEFORE ovulation, because XX sperms (Girls) live longer than XY sperms (boy) but they XX sperms swim slower, & the XY sperms swim faster BUT die quicker. So, if you were to have sex 2-3days BEFORE ovulation all the XY sperms would have died off by the time ovulation occurs & there will only be XX sperms around to fertilize the egg only! its the other way around, if you wanted to conceive a Boy, you would have sex as close as ovulation as possible & on ovulation so the XY sperms have a higher chance of fertilizing that egg. 2; Have sex in missionary position so it gives the XY sperms longer to swim therefore most of the XY sperms would of died off before they reached the egg.3; Eat Acidic foods & not Alkaline as XY sperms cant handle an Acidic environment in the vagina but XX sperms favour an Acidic environment & XY sperms favour an Alkaline environtment. (you can Google ‘Acidic Foods’ to get your body in an Acidic state)4; Dont have sex in deep penetration as it gives the XY sperms a head start & shoots them right onto the cervix (you want the XY sperms to have a longer swim trip so they all die off before they get there) 5; Dont orgasm during or after sex as it favours the XY sperms & makes them survive longer from the liquid of the womans orgasm6; Just wish, pray & hope that you get that Girl you long for! :)) Also you can go to Google & type in; ”Shettles Method” it tells you specifically how to conceive the gender that you desire! Good Luck bub xXx
How can you shop for an unborn baby without knowing if it’s a boy or a girl ?
Q: At one time, you couldn’t know the sex of a baby until it was born . These days, a doctor can find out the sex of an unborn baby . Many parents would rather not know if it’s a boy or a girl until it’s born . I say you shouldn’t know if it’s a boy or a girl until the baby’s born . I’ve known people who say they should know so they can shop for the baby . NOW — How can you shop for an unborn baby if you’d rather not know if it’s a boy or a girl until the it’s born ? Do you really have to know if it’s a boy or a girl before you can do any shopping ? How did people shop for an unborn baby in the days when you couldn’t know if it was a boy or a girl until it was born ?
A: Its ok to shop if you don’t know the sex of the baby you just buy things in neutral colors like greens, yellows and beiges and neutral themes like Teddy bears. Alot of things are now gender specific because most people do find out so it may be more difficult than in the past though.
Baby Girl Being Abused: How to Report?
Q: Yesterday, I was walking in to a store and walking out comes a father holding his (about) one year old daughter. Regardless of the general falsities of first impressions my intuition was that he could be very harmful to this baby.The daughter was crying (Not screaming or flailing or throwing a tantrum- just crying) and the dad, holding her, was screaming (not yelling or talking loudly- Screaming) into her face “Shut the F*** Up! I told you to stop your f***ing crying!” etc. for about 2 minutes, as he walked to his car. I couldn’t help but watch- staying inconspicuous of course. I heard everything he said even though I was eventually about 200 feet away.Now, if he was doing that to her in public, I can only imagine how bad it could be at home. It makes me very sad. Now, not knowing him or his name or any other specific information, if I wanted to report such an act how would I go about doing so? If I had gotten his license plate number and given it to CPS could they have found out who he was? Or are they too busy with confirmed cases to fish around for this little girl without having any other concrete info? I was rattled by this even though I know there are far worse child abusers out there, and I wish I could have done something. Any ideas for next time would be greatly appreciated.
A: In situations like that, if you have time you can either seek a store manager or get the car’s license plate number. Child services will follow up on each lead they receive (unless a teen is calling to report being grounded from their cell phone of course) and a license plate is an easy way to identify and locate a person. When you make reports though, you have to keep you own impressions and opinions out of the report (unless they ask you if you believe the child was in danger). Another thing you can do if you see someone being verbally abusive to a child in public is let them know you are there; most of the time I would say these parents are simply very frustrated and screaming at the closest person around them- not that it’s ever okay to scream and curse at a child, but it’s often not even about the child and most of the parents would never think of hurting the kid.
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