Can a horse get a girl pregant

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No, a horse can not get a girl pregnant. ChaCha on!! [ Source: ]
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Could a horse or any other animal get a girl pregnant??
technically – yes. However, the baby would not survive, because our chromosome number doesn’t match up. Therefore mitosis can’t occur properly (which is the process of cell division – very important in creating a baby!) and there it would r…
What happens if a horse gets a girl pregnant?
That is not possible. A human can only get pregnant by another human, not by an animal of any kind.
Can a humam girl get pregnant from a horse?
Yes she can it might be freaky though.

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A: awww congrats!wow my 5 year old mare is pregnant too! she is also due late april or early may! cool XDok so it depends on if she has been worked up to this point,if she hasnt it might be Early enough to start but start lightly and work up but not too much it is defiantly ok if she has been ridden up to this point,if she has keep working mare in foal was a “surprise” so she was being worked when i got her and i have continued to work her,she is starting to noticeably not work her hard though,walk,trot,canter with her some is perfectly ok and trail rides too but you dont want her to be getting sweaty or start breathing hard.I will ride my mare up till February or maybe march depending on how she is going….but if i see any signs she is having trouble i will stop,also you prob know that she needs special food and all that.remember everyone has different opinions..some people may tell you not to ride her at all but I have 3 trainer/breeder friends you think it is healthy to continue exercise even if you just lunge her.hope I helped :)sorry I ment to say january or feebury not march XDbeside the girth doesnt go on the belly (surprised the 33 years of experiance didnt know)its up just behind the front legs it really isnt close to the belly at all…I ment you can canter her a few times before she starts gtting big but only trot and walk her when she gets closer….
Leg issues at 20 weeks pregnant?
Q: I am 20 weeks pregnant and prolly in the last 2 weeks my legs in my groin area have been extremely sore. The only way i can describe it (I’m a country girl) its like when i havn’t rode my horse for ages and then ride it for a few hours and the next morning wake up all sore and stiff. It dosn’t hurt while i’m standing still or sitting but as soon as i move i get sum serious pain. For example, when i’m layin in bed and i lift my bum in the air to move aorund it hurts….. or even just lifting my legs into my pant legs lol its like i’m 80 years old. Was just wondering if it could be any underlining issue or is it somthing that just happn when ur pregant. Out of a scale of 10 the pain is 6-7Thanks.
A: not your siatic nerve thats in the back of your leg, most likely ligiment pains from your growing belly! lots of growing still to do…. be prepaired for more aches and pains
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