Can a person be pregnant and still have a period

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Pregnant women can have some light irregular bleeding during pregnancy, but it should not be like a “normal” period. [ Source: ]
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Can a person be pregnant and still have their period??
I don’t think so. The whole point of a period is to shed the lining of the uterus if no embryo attatches to it. The whole purpose of having that lining to begin with was to prepare for an embryo. Once an egg is fertilized, the embryo attatc…
Could a person still be pregnant if they got their period??
Yes, sometimes it looks for all the world like your period but it’s just bleeding. There are also instances of a real period coming along and ending the pregnancy.
Can a person get pregnant two days before her period yet still me…?
Hello. Yes this can happen. It happened to me. If you experience any pregnancy symptoms then do a pregnancy test in three weeks time. Or wait till your next period arrives and if it doesn’t arrive, do a test.

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Can a person still have their period and be pregnant?
Q: I am having a very odd period.. I dont know what is going on, and i highly doubt im pregnant, its very unlikely but barly possible…. My period was very very late, and has been clumpy, and thick, but there are no signs of pregnancy… I was just wondering, can a woman have her period and still be pregnant?
A: yea they might have a light period, but thats about it… if there is any chance tha you are pregant, it could be a miscarriage im not an expert but i have heard a similar story to this before
Can a person be pregnant and still have their period?
A: No, you can have spotting. Some spotting is normal but if it is a lot that is not normal. My Dr told me that when women say they had their period while they were pregnant that it was really them almost having a miscarriage.
Can a person still be pregnant if they wait more than a month after taking depo shot?
Q: Say, if a person’s last real period was on Oct. 4, 2008, and they took the shot on Oct. 24, 2008 and had protected sex up until last night (Dec. 13), will they get pregnant? And say if the girl didn’t have any periods at all since Oct. 4, and just “spots” every now and then?When can she take a pregnancy test to be sure?
A: Yes you can! I was on depo for 7months and I still got pregnant!
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