Can a pregnant woman lay on there back

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It’s recommended that a pregnant women sleep on her left side and use pillows between legs and under the belly to be comfortable. [ Source: ]
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Can a pregnant woman lay on there back
It’s recommended that a pregnant women sleep on her left side and use pillows between legs and under the belly to be comfortable.
Is it true that pregnant woman cannot lay on their back because i…?
They say that you should avoid laying on your back because it can decrease the blood flow to the placenta which can affect the baby. You can put a pillow behind you when you sleep to prevent rolling over and laying flat on your back.
How long can pregnant women lay on their backs?
Doctors say that laying on your back, MAY cause low blood presure, If it is uncomfortable on your sides, try a body pillow, or extra blankets to keep your hips and spine straight. A good sign that you have been laying on your back too long …

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Sleeping on back and side?..27 weeks?
Q: Is there any reason why they tell pregnant women to not lay on their back. To fall asleep i am either on my left side with my body pillow or i can even sleep flat on my there anything wrong with this i am 27 weeks. And is it bad to sleep on the right side also? I do shift A LOT during the night and end up all over.
A: The reason they tell you not to lay on your back is because of of the baby, amniotic sac, uterus, placenta…puts pressure on your aorta and that can cause a decrease in blood pressure, not to mention poor circulation. Sleeping on your left side is the best because it reduces these risks the best. You can also sleep on your right side, but left is recommended. And if you need another position and want to sleep partially on your back, you can prop a pillow under the right side of your body and tilt to the left. But don’t worry about waking up on your back…you can’t control your sleep positions, but try to “train” yourself to sleep on your sides and your body won’t turn as often.
Can a company tell a pregnant woman she can’t work with out actually firing or laying her off?
Q: My pregnant girl friend was just told at work that because her doctors note says she can not lift over 50 lbs she can not come back to work till she is able to lift 75 lbs. She’s not fired or laid off, technically she will still be an employee, she just wont be getting any money. This sounds like a scam by the company to avoid paying unemployment to me.She works for a tire distribution company. She delivers tires to local tire shops like tire kingdom or good year. Some of the big off road tires are very heavy. We live in Florida which is a “right to work” state, meaning they have laws siding with employers more often than employees. They are not offering her another position to accommodate her. They are just telling her to come back to work when she can lift 75lbs again. There is another female that works there who is supposed to do the same job. The other woman is not physically strong enough to lift the heavy tires and they just have other people do it for her. They have not offered that to my gf. If my gf was allowed to work under the same conditions as the other woman, she would have no problem and could continue her job.First, is this legal? It sounds like discrimination to me.Second, can she quit because of them basically cutting her hours down to zero and get unemployment? I have heard of people getting their hours cut back and getting partial unemployment.Any help on this matter would be great. I will rate answers. Thank you.
A: she can file and may qualify due to the decrease in hours BUT since the decrease is due to her inability to perform the essential duties of the job she will probably not qualify…. she also will not receive any benefits (even if approved) for any time she misses from a job because she is unable to work. to draw benefits she must be willing and able to work and accept employment if/when it is offered.this employer may need to make a reasonable accommodation for her under Title VII due to the pregnancy. she needs to approach her employers in this manner, the employer may not be covered but is probably a large enough employer to be covered.the EEOC can help in this area and is probably her best option at this time if the employer won’t consider an accommodation.http://www.eeoc.govFlorida is a “right-to-work” state but that has nothing to do with this,right-to-work refers to union representation and being allowed to work in a union shop without being a union member.Florida also is an “at-will” employment state which means the employee may quit or be fired at any time for any (legal) reason or no reason at all.
Now I need help with baby shower food!!?
Q: Thanks for everyone who gave ideas for the baby shower prizes. Now I’m trying to formulate a menu for the baby shower. My sister (the pregnant woman) is so laid back that it’s making things difficult for me (if that makes any sense). So far this is what I have for the menu:Cheeseball & CrackersPretzelsDeviled EggsPasta SaladCucumber SandwichesFruit Salad (I go the idea for this watermelon thing from another posting on the yahoo answers–so thanks!)Now…I need food with substance. I cannot serve lunchmeat because her doctor told her pregnant women cannot have cold lunchmeat…SO..what do I serve? There will be 14 people at the shower. The shower is from 2-4 p.m. on a Saturday. I was thinking maybe making chicken salad or tuna salad and getting mini bagels and having little sandwiches? What do you guys think?Ahhh…I’m so stressed about this! Everything has to be just right because nobody thinks that I can pull this shower off. So I’m in desperate need of your help!!
A: You are doing great! And you will pull it off, don’t worry. These pregnant women can sometimes get the best of you but everything will look great at the end, you’ll see. I’ve done several showers already & pregnant women are basically the same. (They want their baby shower perfect. Similar to a wedding…hehehe)The chicken or tuna salad mini bagels sandwiches are a great idea. Be sure to prepare the chicken the night before, so that you are not all stressed out the next day. You are on a roll. Write yourself some notes for the shower day if you have to. I do it for each one. You would think by now it should just run like clockwork but it doesn’t…lolJust remember that on the day of the shower, everything is going to be just fine. As long as the mommy-to-be sees you in control of the situation & you don’t panic, it will be just fine. And she will have fond memories. Good luck & God bless!! Congratulations to your sister/family!
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