Can a woman be pregnant and on her period

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Many women report getting what seem like regular periods during early pregnancy. It’s not truly a menstrual period, but MORE? [ Source: ]
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Can woman be pregant when they have period?
If a woman has her period it means she is not pregnant.
How Soon Can a Woman Get Pregnant After a Period??
・ The American Pregnancy Association lists a number of symptoms you may notice when ovulation takes place… ・ A woman is born with millions of immature eggs waiting for ovulation. She will never make more eggs than…
Do pregnant women still get a period?
More often that not, no. It is rare that a woman experience one during pregnancy, however some women do. Again, I stress the fact that it’s rare . Hi. I’m Redkite96 and this is my first edit/post and I hope that what I am going to put answe…

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Can semen soak through a sanitary pad and possibly get a woman pregnant on her period?
Q: I know there is that clear part where it sticks to the woman’s underwear, so what are the chances of a woman getting pregnant?It wasn’t a whole load, a little bit got onto her gym shorts and it was a little higher up near her mons pubis. Do you think sperm could have soaked through her underwear and through the sanitary pad and swam up the blood to her vagina?
A: Ah! we are talking about great swimmers here….lolQuote:”Can sperm travel through clothing or material? If the clothing was completely saturated with semen and was in direct contact with a woman’s vagina, there is a very slight chance the sperm could enter the vagina, but this is highly unlikely. No conclusive studies have been found to give a definite answer on this possibility.”I would suggest you take a look at the website below!
Can a woman get pregnant if her period comes 8 hours after sexual intercourse?
Q: Hi, my boyfriend and I have just recently decided to have unprotected sex, and knowing we both were not ready for a child, he would do the withdrawal method. When he did the withdrawal method, he came right after he took came out. After the intercourse, my period arrived 8 hours later. My last period started on June 21, 2008. Is it possible for me to become pregnant? Could the pre- cum make me pregnant? Is the timing for my menstrual cycle to occur now right?Thank you for your answers.
A: A woman can get pregnant at any time of the month. Also, it is very easy to become pregant using the withdrawal method, the pre-ejaculate does contain sperm. You should be using condoms if you are not ready for a child. Or you need to go to planned parenthood and get birth control. You are not being safe.
If a girl gets pregnant will she have her period?
Q: Hi, I’m a guy firstoff, and me and my girlfriend recently started having sex. I don’t wear a condom, but pull out long before I get close to ejaculating. I’m extremely afraid of getting her pregnant, and have made a promise to her that I will either wear a condom or we will not have sex. I’m pretty certain that I haven’t had any semen “sneak out” the times we’ve had sex, but I want some kind of test for this, and I had heard that a woman will not get her period if she’s pregnant, or vice versa will get it if she is not pregnant. Can one of you woman please shed some light on this?Ok so essentially what you are saying is that, while pull out is not a good method, it’s the pre-cum that contains sperm? If so I think that’s good because I’ve pulled out way before I even got close to bustingI also forgot to mention that I haven’t broken her hymen yet, and as far as we both know she is still technically a virgin. Does that mean anything?
A: “I don’t wear a condom, but pull out long before I get close to ejaculating. I’m extremely afraid of getting her pregnant, and have made a promise to her that I will either wear a condom or we will not have sex.”Good, because the pull-out method is a great way to get her pregnant.Women can experience some residual bleeding while pregnant, known as “spotting.” Some women can mistake the spotting for light periods, which is why occasionally a woman doesn’t even know she’s pregnant until she’s experiencing labor pains. That’s very uncommon, but it does happen.
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