Can a woman get morning sickness within two weeks of being pregnant

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Nausea and vomiting usually begin 2-8 weeks after conception. Thanks for texting ChaCha! [ Source: ]
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Can a woman get morning sickness within two weeks of being pregna…?
Nausea and vomiting usually begin 2-8 weeks after conception. Thanks for texting ChaCha!

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Q: My girlfriend and I have been talking about our past lately. I was married for several years and dated the woman I married many years before that. I have only had a limited number of relationships in my dating life. By contrast, my girlfriend never married and has dated, lived with, and had sex with numerous men. We are both in our forties. When we first started dating, my girlfriend insisted that she only slept with men with whom she was in serious committed relationships. As we have been getting to know each other, she revealed to me that her first sex experience was a rape. My girlfriend had been smoking pot at a party and one of the guys at the party took advantage of her when she was high and raped her. A few days after the incident, she began get morning sickness, found out she was pregnant and got an abortion. After that, her way of dealing with the loss of her virginity due to rape was to become loose and have sex with men just for the fun of it. She began sleeping around until she met another guy she wanted to date steady and went exclusive with him. She has also told me that she has had periods in her dating life when she was just getting over a serious relationship, was not ready to start a new serious relationship, and was again dating men just for physical intimacy and pleasure. We have been dating for a couple of months. We started to have sex within the first two weeks of dating. At first, my girlfriend thought things were moving too fast and wanted the option to be able to date other men. At this point, we agreed to date exclusively. She has a gang of girlfriends that she likes to party with. Sometimes the girls get a room at a casino and stay over night. She says that I am monopolizing her time and she needs time to go out with her girlfriends for a couple of drinks. When she has smoked pot in the past, she tends to over do it, passing out on a bed at one party, being raped at another. Once some guy blew pot in her face that he was smoking and she claims she got high off of that and had a laughing fit for the entire night. Her partying behavior concerns me and she sees no problem getting drunk or smoking pot with friends to let off steam. She says that she has never cheated on her boyfriends in the past. I am not sure I can trust a person who likes to drink and do drugs like pot. Can a person who gets drunk and high be responsible and keep the promises they make when sober?I really like this girl a lot. We have talked about living together, getting married, having kids of our own or adopting. But her need to party and her past reputation of being sexually loose concerns me. Should I be concerned?
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Pregnancy///My Concerns?
Q: First of all I would like to apologize for how long this is. I am just trying to make it clear, and understandable about my situation. I thank those who have read fluently and answered any questions I have asked.I realized I had not started my period around late May, or early June. When I was younger I had missed a month here and there, but only about two times within my entire life. I decided on June 30th that I should take a pregnancy test because it was uncommon for me to miss. I had not shown any symptoms of getting ready to start either, (Normally I was able to tell). The PT came up negative, and from there I waited another two weeks and retested just to make sure. Even after the two weeks I still had not shown any signs of getting ready to start. The lack of cramping, and my emotional swings were not present. I began to get even more concerned. The second test came up negative as well, and three days later I took a third test, which came up negative too. – I know that some women do not have enough of the pregnancy hormone for it to show up on a test, which is why it is important to go to a doctor and have a final result/outcome. – I am not trying to play the poor me card. – I was kicked out of my home at the age of 15, and because of a poor family was unable to get back in contact with my dad or mom due to them changing their number afterward. I have lived on my own for the past year 1/2 to 2 years. 8 months ago I found a partner who I have been living with. He knows everything that is going on, I do not hide anything nor do I lie to him. I am unable to see a professional doctor because I am 17, and my birthday is not until Sept. 5th. I am growing worried because I still show no signs of starting. – I do not trouble myself with the fact that I might be pregnant, but a few questions still remain. – I know that some women do not start showing signs until about 15-20 weeks into pregnancy depending on their build. I am 4’11, and around 109 lbs. I do have a faint bump that has grown a little over the passed month, (July-August). I have done a lot of research. Because I am not able to see a doctor I felt the need that I should try and do everything to the best of ability by researching it. I eat a healthy cereal in the morning with plenty of folic acid. I will eat healthy throughout the day with small snacks, such as a carrot, drink milk/orange juice, and plenty of water. I will eat several other times throughout the day as well. Baggies of mixed fruit. I’ll even eat apples, and peaches. I read that a pregnant woman should eat at least 1 tablespoon of fat a day, so at night I eat something fatty; like frying up hamburger and mixing it with noodles, and some seasoning, along with some bread. Not only is this to help me if I am pregnant, but if I am not than I know there is noway for me to be gaining weight if I am not. I am eating healthier, and doing small exercises within the house. If anything, I would be loosing weight on a healthier diet. I know the body retains water, but I have been on this diet since my suspicions were risen. – I read that a pregnant woman can take a warm bath, but not a hot bath. No hot tubs or sona’s. So how hot is too hot and how warm is just enough exactly? does my diet sound like it needs to be for someone possibly pregnant? I even quit smoking. – For the first month I got tension headaches that eventually subsided into the following month. No other signs occurred but once when my boyfriend awoke me too frantically and I got a horrid sickness in my stomach, (I’m not one to just get motion sickness). But, it never happened again. I have gotten sick a couple of a time but nothing too major or anything that I could point directly at being ‘pregnant’. My breast’s are very tender however, and I am very fatigued lately. So, how does this sound?
A: You should try to go to planned parenthood. I am sure they could do a pregnancy test for you and I think they charge on a sliding scale (the more you make, the more you will pay). You could be pregnant, or you could be stressing about being pregnant. That could also make you late. You should really try to be seen by a doctor! You could also try to test with a different brand first thing in the morning (they say the most horomone is in there). I like the ept certainty because it says pregnant or not pregnant instead of doing the whole lines thing!
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