Can a woman get pregnant anytime of the month

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Yes, even though it is rare, a woman can still get pregnant during her period. Thanks for using ChaCha! [ Source: ]
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Can women get pregnant anytime of the month?
Women get pregnant when they are ovulating. There are several ways to determine if you are ovulating. First keep track of your cycle you will ovulate 10-14 days before your period. When you are ovulating you will notice that the mucus in yo…
Why do women think they can get pregnant anytime of the month??
Unfortunately, until teaching solid awareness of the biological signs of your fertility are more universally taught, there will always be several answers to your question. To women who dont want to get pregnant, and who are not actively t…

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Why do women think they can get pregnant anytime of the month?
Q: Have they ever heard of their ovulation time which is approx. 14 days after menstruation? This is when a woman releases an egg. If we could get pregnant all times of the month…i would think that we would have a whole lot more babies being born a year.This concerns me. Do you think its important for a woman to know her fertile times?An egg can be released at anytime>this is very uncommon. I have did the natural planning method and never had an egg release other than during my fertile time. I understand what you are saying…but i see no evidence of that. It reminds me of when women say “I took b-control and still got pregnant”.Hmm…interesting answers…You can absolutely NOT get pregnant while on your period. THIS IS false. There is no lining for the egg to adhere too. NO WAY>YOU CANNOT GET PREGNANT ON YOUR PERIOD THIS IS WHY:During your period your levels of progesterone are low. It is impossible for the body to release an egg until those levels reach the height they need to to release an egg from the ovary. Progesterone MUST be at adequate levels to release the egg…during a period this doesn’t happen. IF YOU HAD HIGH LEVELS OF PROGESTERONE DURING YOUR PERIOD YOU WOULD STOP HAVING YOUR PERIOD. YOUR PROGESTERONE LEVELS DON’T GO BACK TO THEIR LEVELS IN TIME FOR YOU TO OVULATE AND COCEIVE APPROX. 4-5 DAYS AFTER PERIOD.THIS IS ABSOLUTELY FALSE. I have provided the answer to why. Also the sources that some have listed that are saying this are not reliable.Samaritian i have read your source…they explain “breakthrough bleeding” this IS NOT a period. It is often misused. Ovulation bleeding is NOT a period…breakthrough bleeding is not a period…I’m not trying to be closeminded to your answers but you need to provide solid proof if you want me to see your point.
A: Unfortunately, until teaching solid awareness of the biological signs of your fertility are more universally taught, there will always be several answers to your question.To women who dont want to get pregnant, and who are not actively tracking their fertility as you were, I think the important message is that unprotected sex at any time during your cycle *could* get you pregnant. I tracked my cycle for a year and a half using natural fertility awareness method as birth control. And during one cycle I ovulated 5 days after the last day of my period, which technically means that I could have gotten pregnant from sex on the last day of my period. Similarly, if you aren’t tracking when you actually ovulate, you may never know that stress or change in your lifestyle has delayed your ovulation, so if a woman just assumes that she ovulated on day 14 and therefore can freely have sex from day 17 onwards, she could be in for a rude awakening.I think it was an amazing thing when I learned that my body had all these signs to know for certain when I was ovulating. I felt cheated that no one had told me earlier. But I dont think every woman wants to put in the time and effort to learn. So for women who dont want to actively track their fertility, I think it is important to get the message that unless you are tracking, you cannot know, so it is VERY important to use birth control or condoms to prevent unwanted pregnancy.And the second answer is for women who want to get pregnant. And there I do think that every woman who wants to get pregnant should learn to track her fertility (or at least would benefit from learning to read natural signs before she gets frustrated)
Is it possible for my gf to get pregnant if I ejaculate in her 1 to 3 days before she has her period?
Q: …I use protection otherwise but this is something I’d like to be able to do WORRY FREE.Her period is ALWAYS on time…a woman isn’t supposed to be able to get pregnant around this time right?? & please NO “a woman can pregnant at anytime of the month” type answers…I want a sensible,scientific,fact based answer…thanks in advance.
A: What you are talking about is referred to by Catholics as the Rhythm Method. It is their form of birth control that depends on a woman’s completely scientifically reliable prediction of what days in the month she will ovulate. Do you know what they call Catholics who practice the Rhythm Method? PARENTS.
Can a woman who’s period is regular get pregnant within 5 days after her period?
Q: My gf’s period is always regular she always gets it between 2 to 4 days before the date of her last period e.g if she gets it on the 28th of this month she’ll get it on the 24th or 26th the next month…my question is,is it likely for her to be able to concieve within 5 days after her period has ended…and please don’t tell me she can get pregnant anytime of the month once we have sex cause that is…I want a sensible answer from someone who actually knows what they are talking about!
A: It all depends on the length of her cycle. The 1st day of the cycle is the day she gets her period. A woman normally ovulates about 14 days before her next period. So if her cycle is normally 29 days, she will ovulate around Day 15. (29 minus 14) Since sperm can live inside the woman for 3 days, she could get pregnant any time from Day 12 through Day 16. So if you had sex on Day 10, she probably would NOT get pregnant. Just adjust these numbers for the normal length of her cycle, and you’ll get a better idea of when she could get pregnant.My theory is this (tongue in cheek). If you’re trying to get pregnant, then your window of opportunity is about 10 minutes. If you’re trying NOT to get pregnant, then the window of opportunity is her entire cycle!
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