Can a woman get pregnant if she has intercourse during her period

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There have been very rare instances of women being pregnant despite continuing to have their periods, but this is very rare. [ Source: ]
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Can a woman get pregnant if she has unprotected intercourse durin…?
Yes. An egg could be released several days after the end of her menstrual cycle. Since sperm may live for 5 to 7 days in the uterus, it is possible for a sperm to survive long enough to fertilize the egg.
Can a woman have sexual intercourse during her period??
Yes you sure can, if you have problems with cramps usually though, it might be a little painful.

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Can a woman get pregnant during her period,3-5 days after her period and if the man ejaculates outside?
Q: Will she get pregnant if the man ejaculates outside when she’s fertile but does not re-enter?when is the safest day to have intercourse? Thanks
A: Use a condom. Get on the pill. Very little chances of pregnancy.
Can she still get pregnant?
Q: Say a man has sexual intercourse with a woman and she thinks her menstruation is over, but during intercourse she begins to spot. Can a woman still get pregnant if sexual intercourse took place during the woman’s menstrual period.
A: a woman can get pregnant anytime after her first period especially if you don’t use protection. so don’t be silly wrap your willy.
Can a woman get pregnant this way?
Q: Can a woman get pregnant this way?I just had a question. My wife and I are trying for our first child. I have been having trouble sustaining an erection during intercourse so I often will masturbate close to orgasm and then enter her. Once I enter her, within 5 to 10 seconds, I have an orgasm in her. Is she just as likely to get pregnant this way or is it more higher chance if you are penetrating for a longer period of time. Thanks!
A: This is the 4th time you’ve asked this, and every other question you have asked. You keep getting the same answers from people. Personally I think you are a troll. Ask your questions once. And stop making up your information. You are actually lying to all of us. And yes, of course she could get pregnant, if you had a wife.
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