Can a women get pregnant 22 days into their cycle

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A woman can get pregnant on any day of her cycle. Thanks for asking ChaCha! [ Source: ]
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Can a women get pregnant 22 days into their cycle
A woman can get pregnant on any day of her cycle. Thanks for asking ChaCha!

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TTC Late AF by 4 days what happened?
Q: Hello! I am new at this but asking all the questions that I can. With my first son I was so young I never paid attention to the symptoms or my AF. With my second (4 years later after first) I noticed that I was thinking I was starting my AF so I went out and got tampons I had horrible cramps no spotting though, and the next day I took a test and I was pregnant. This time my husband of 8 years and I are trying to bring a little girl into this world. We just started trying this last cycle. Anyways I am 4 days late on my cycle. I have a 30 day cycle and never late, that is how I know something is kinda up, I have been a day late before but never 4 days late. I used an ovulation kit to determain when I ovulate and according to the test it was around the time I caculated too. My LMP was August 22nd 08. We BD August 27th,30th, and 31st. Then again when I was fertile and then ovulating September 3rd,5th,6th,and 9th. I was supposed to start my AF on the 21st this month and I am thanking God she isn’t here LOL. I have taken 5 tests , I took a First Repsonce on the 12th and Negative. Then the 14th of September I took Equate and it was a negative. Then on the 17th of September I took the 5 day early First Response and negative. Then on the 20th of September again I took a First Response, negative. Then on the 23rd of September I took an Equate and negative. I was told it was too soon to take tests, this is my first time taking temps and using ovulation kits and all this. I don’t have any stress as I am a stay at home mother who is in school, but no exams are due. I haven’t changed anything in my diet. I am not sure what is going on. Now my husband on the other hand well he told me each time he has gotten anyone pregnant including me, as he has previous marriges, he says that he knows when they are pregnant because he throws up water which he said that he did on the 16th of September this month. He is convinced that I don’t have enough HCG to produce a + sign yet. I am just not sure what to think because I have been reading on a lot of things researching some woman’s experiences from their pregnancys and some say that they go weeks after missed AF before a + comes along. So I came to this forum to ask, has anyone been in my shoes and been pregnant. I do have symptoms as most always do, discharge yes it is clean very lotion like though, and that comes and goes. I have had mild cramps since the 15th of September that come and go, I never get cramps unless it is the day of AF and they are pretty bad on my day. I have had headaches. Food cravings, hubby says mood swings, LOL. I have to go to the bathroom about every 2 hours sometimes less. So what is going on? Am I testing too soon?I wanted to add that I have never ever been on birthcontrol either. My temps as I have charted since the 19th have been 98.2 to 99.9. Hasn’t been lower. My normal temp is 97.5. I have felt queezy and so tired lately.
A: There is a possibility you may be pregnant but also when you released your egg you may have got a corpus luteum cyst, which means you have a functioning cyst that is still producing progesterone. Progesterone as you probably know sustains the fetus, so in turn you may be getting pregnancy like symptoms but in reality you may not be pregnant. I hope that for you it is a BFP. Sending you tons of baby dust.
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