Can a women get pregnant when she’s on her period

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Yes, you can get pregnant when you are on your period. It is not common, but it can happen. ChaCha more! [ Source: ]
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Can a woman get pregnant if she is on her period??
From what statistics show a woman cannot get pregnant if she is on her period because of the access blood that clogs the vagina and doesn’t allow any sperm to enter the vagina to create a baby
How many days after a woman’s monthly period can she get pregnant…?
That is totally untrue. Whoever told you that got everything backwards. Most women ovulate in the middle of their cycle. Sperm can live anywhere from 3-7 days after ejaculation. If she ovulates while live sperm are still present in her fall…
How Likely Is A Woman To Get Pregnant, If She’s Had Sex A Week Af…?
It is definitely possible.every women’s cycle is different. Usually a woman ovulates midway into her cycle. Which would leave her most fertile at 14 days after the 1st day of her period. If her period lasted 1 week she could very likely get…

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Can a woman only get pregnant when she’s on her period?
A: No, it’s rather rare that women get pregnant when they are on their period, but it does happen. Women get pregnant when they are fertile, which is usually about 12-16 days AFTER their period. Please get a basic anatomy book and read it!!
How soon can a woman experience symptoms/signs when her next period will come?
Q: My gf always experience sore breasts and LBM before her period starts. the last day of her period was sept 7. we had unprotected sex the week after. now she’s experiencing these symptoms again for the last 3 days (it started sept 17). can you tell me if this is normal for women? could she be pregnant? do women always get advanced symptoms for their period? i know that periods do come either a week in advance or on the dot but i’m sure it’s another story if she’s going to be delayed… tell me what you think. now i know that a woman’s body are pretty complex when it comes to things like these. and all of you ladies out there, U have my respect for that…actually, my main question is: is it normal for a woman to have menstrual symptoms a week before she gets her period? and just to follow up, are these symptoms synonymous to that of pregnancy? thanks for your answer!i forgot… when she & i had u.p. sex, i didn’t come inside her… and yeah i know all about that pre-cum/pre-ejac stuff…
A: i dont know for sure what your asking. if your worried about pregnancy some tests can tell you even before a missed period. i myself have back pain, leg pain, cramps, moodiness, extreme tiredness. and this is before my period.
How can I convince her she’s not pregnant/okay?
Q: Okay, long story short: I have a very close friend of mine who had something very unfortunate happen to her. She trusted someone that well.. obviously couldn’t be trusted. And she was at a party and when she was out cold, he took advantage of her. This happened almost three months ago, in the beginning of July. I think she had been off her birth control for a week or two before the incident, unfortunately. The following day, she began a normal five day period, if I remember right. Also, the week following the incident (out of severe depression), she did not eat much; starving herself for the most part. She lost about ten pounds, dropping from 95 to 85 pounds. She has a very small build, being only about five feet tall. But still, this weight drop was bad. Immediately after this happened, she started her birth control (Loestrin 24) again in paranoia. And ever since it happened, she has been in tears almost everyday at the fear she is pregnant. Her periods have come at the expected times (3, including the one after the incident), and albeit abnormal, they have still come. I say abnormal because they were shorter and lighter, without a real constant flow (by her words). But a reason I can think they would be like that to me of course, would be the birth control, no? And also throwing in the fact that her periods have never been quite normal. Since the incident, she’s taken four pregnancy tests, all negative. She took them after her periods, on the chance that it was actually a missed period and the bleeding she was having was just her body cleaning itself. She took two after one month, and two after two months; again, they were all negative without a doubt. With her paranoia being so bad, she told me she is afraid she’s had some symptoms, but the symptoms she seems to have could also be occurring do to stress and depression. And I have also read that sometimes women can convince their bodies that they’re pregnant, mimicking the symptoms of pregnancy without actually being pregnant.There is also another thing, since then she has kinda well.. been drinking quite heavily out of depression. Which I know can wreck havoc on a woman’s cycle and whatnot.Now that the back-story explaining this all is out of the way, we get down to the real question. I personally, with all the things that have happened: negative tests, the periods, lack of serious symptoms, etc., don’t think she could be pregnant. I also do not think she could be healthy enough to be, on the count that with her weight loss and the alcohol. Since then she has gained some weight back, but only a couple pounds (her weight fluctuates quite often) from me pleading with her to eat.With her next period being tomorrow, she has been again panicking that her period just won’t come. She’s the one that kind of asked me to post this on here and ask. Is there anything I can do to help her and show her that its unlikely she is pregnant? I know there’s the slim chance that she is pregnant, but just from research on the matter and reading medical sites, I don’t think its big. I’ve told her the only way she would know for sure is to get a blood test but.. again just the fact that this happened to her has ruined her, I’m the only one she speaks to about it. Is there a huge risk that she is actually pregnant? I hope with all my being that the answer is a big fat no but, I guess she just needs to know third party answers. Any feedback would be great, thank you all in advance.
A: Here is some advice that neither one of you may like. GET HER TO A DOCTOR NOW! ( no I’m not trying to yell) There are chances of false negative readings. All that you have described needs to be addressed by a Medical Professional. The stress alone is enough to cause her to miss her cycle and if she has turned to alchol that is not good.Pregnancy symptoms vary from woman to woman and while some are generally the same across the board, many are open to interpetation. I understand that it is hard to talk to someone, anyone after what she has been through and I am glad that she has you and you care so very much. Let her know that. Tell her you are worried and that you will be with her every step of the way. If she is actually pregnant, then she can get the guy on a majority of charges not the least being rape. Even still if she is not than she needs to make a police report even after all this time ( is she is with child, they can do a DNA to prove he is the sperm donor).Please get her help. I will keep you both in my prayers.
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