Can a women still be on her period while being pregnant

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Bleeding in early pregnancy is a common occurrence, but this does not signal a true menstrual cycle, as pregnancy hormones MORE? [ Source: ]
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When women say they have there periods while being pregnant, do t…?
I did. I had my period for the first 3 months of my pregnancy. I normally have very heavy periods and I would say that they were only marginally lighter. The cramps were just as bad though. I recently read something that said that this may …
Can woman be pregant when they have period?
If a woman has her period it means she is not pregnant.
Can a woman have her period when she is pregnant??
She cannot have a *period* because a period is caused by a drop in the hormone progesterone after ovulation. When you are pregnant your body prevents you from ovulating again. If it didn’t you could have women who are pregnant with babies w…

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Can a woman still get her period while being pregnant?
Q: Its been a month my friend had sex while being on her rag, and she did get her rag but she did not get cramps or anything that normally woman will get or she would get while being on it, is it possible you can be preg and still get your rag? idk what to tell her, she sais shes not but i want to be sure of that cause what if she is and she does the stuff she used to do alot drink and all, she has been getting this headaches and wanting t vomit for the past month, if shes not preg then why is she getting this?
A: not possible..
Is it possible for a woman to be pregnant however still have her period because of birth control?
Q: I know you can get pregnant on birth control and I also know you can still have periods while pregnant. However, if you are on birth control and became pregnant, would the birth control still force you to have your regular period? Or would they automatically stop because of the pregnancy regardless of still taking the pill?I honestly don’t know if I am or not, it just seems some odd things are going on that seem rather pregnancy related. Lots of people seem to think my chest has gotten larger (though I don’t see it), and I feel dizzy, my blood sugar seems to be dropping more frequently, just odd things that don’t even necessarily add up to pregnancy.
A: I’m only answering from a friends point of view. My friend recently found out she was pregnant (3 months) but was still taking her birth control but she WAS NOT having periods. She was in denial and refused to take a test. The first month she had a very light period and it was very short which was her first sign. After that she did not have another one! I’m not speaking for everyone but she did not. I do know birth control CAN hurt your baby though if you are still taking it. Either way it sounds like you need to get to the doctors to take a very simple test to find out if you are pregnant and if you are not then you doctor can do other test and hopefully find out what the problem is!
Am I still pregnant? Please relate with your experience?
Q: We are on TTC since last month, hence I had unprotected sex on my peek day (ovulation day) with my husband. On the following day i have noticed a few spotting in my panty. This was the first time I have ever spotted. During that week, we had travelled a lot and then I had my period (normal one) on the right date.I thought, this time I am not pregnant… But my mother in low says, many women get their periods while they are still pregnant. In her case, she was menstruating as normal at the first month during all the 3 pregnancies, and it was stopped from the second month only.I did some reaserches on this last week, and came to know it is possible to some extend that women menstruate for the first month (or a couple of months) while they are still pregnant, but the bleeding is not actually mensus.. It is called implantation bleeding.Ok.. coming to my problem… My last period was normal… it lasted for 3 days… But after the period, I feel little nausea, sudden hiccups, and some difference in my body which I can not explain in words. It has been 10 days since my last period has come.Currently I am living far from my family due to work reasons, and this place where I work has very limitted facilities for maternal check ups (its a war affected area, and I am a UN staff). I know the only best way is to have a blood test, but it is not possible here or it will take a couple of days in this place. So at least for my mental peace, can anyone answer my question with your experience.
A: It is possible that you are pregnant – however when women usually have a period it is very light and is not like a normal flow. If you have access to a pregnancy test -then I would take a home pregnancy test just to see. As far as implantation bleeding it is usually very scant and light and is usually brown or pink and doesn’t usually last very long and isn’t accompanied by cramping.Hope that helps some
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