Can a women still get pregnant if she is on birth control

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If the birth control pill is taken correctly, there is less than 1% chance of getting pregnant. ChaCha! [ Source: ]
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Can a 48 year old woman get pregnant? Would she still need to use…?
Until a woman reaches menopause she can most definitely still get pregnant. You only know when menopause happens looking back over time. When one year has passed without a menstrual cycle, the woman has reached menopause. Until then, if you…
Does a woman still get pregnant even she uses a birth control pil…?
I was conceived whilst my mum was on birth control pills but that was back in early 80’s but even these days it is possible. A pregnancy test may not be reliable due to the birth control pills and would also depend on menstrual cycle. In sh…

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if a woman is on birth control and becomes pregnant, will she still miss a period?
Q: I am on the pill, but i have a feeling i may be pregnant because i have been nauseous, and have been craving food 24/7. I have been craving things i dont usually eat like shrimp, lemons and salty fries. Just wondering what i can look for because i am on the pill. Id rather not stop taking it until i know because it takes a while to get back on track after you stop it.
A: I don’t think it has anything to do with being on birth control.. so you may or may not spot if you are pregnant but i’m pretty sure that it is not the birth control that effects it, it’s just how your particular body works. I believe it’s the same if you are or are not on the pill. If you’re going to keep taking the BC until you find out i would make a doctors appointment ASAP just so you know and can quit taking it if you are! Hope this helped and good luck!!!
Birth control pills/pregnant? Answer this, please.?
Q: I have been taking birth control pills for a whole year now. About three months ago, I started getting “symptoms” which made me think I was pregnant. I had back aches, period-like cramps, bloating, and SOME nausea. I’ve had all the periods I was supposed to since then. They seemed kind of light, but since the pill they haven’t been real heavy. I THOUGHT I noticed that when I started this pack, that that’s when I started feeling bad again. I was wondering if maybe the pills and your body can change and make you feel this way. I’m still having the symptoms. Cramping, bloating, nausea, back-aches, and when I press on my stomach it hurts. Maybe I’m freaking out, but I don’t know…what do you guys think? I take Levora® 0.15/30. Also, if a woman has sex without a condom, and he comes inside of her, is she still protected from pregnancy since she is on the pill? I don’t do that, but I was just wondering, and I know that that can cause you to get STD’s. I’ve had about 4 negative HPT’s.
A: 1) Go to the doctor and get tested. Or to a family planning clinic, they’ll do it for cheaper. Have you taken a test you can purchase at the drugstore??2) Birth control pills are chock full of hormones and different pills contain different levels of the hormones. Your body may just be reacting negatively to the pill you’ve been prescribed, you need to make your doctor aware of this so he/she can prescribe you something different.3) You can most definitely still get pregnant when on the pill, even if taken daily as instructed.
Can a doctor tell if a woman has recently been taking birth control and got pregnant?
Q: Would the hormone still be in the system or is there really no way to tell unless she is still on it?
A: No. a doc can only tell, with testing, if a women has been pregnant. There is scar tissue either from a miscarriage or abortion that is how a doc. knows but the Dr. should know history of women’s health history. Plenty of women have miscarriages not really even knowing because period is heavy. Also if you are trying to find this info. about an adult US citizen, the Privacy Act prevents you from knowing that about individuals.
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