Can being on your period make a pregnancy test positive

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This is possible but if you are on your period then you are not pregnant. ChaCha [ Source: ]
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Does being on your period make you test positive on a pregnancy t…?
no. being on your period does not produce the hcg (pregnancy) hormone, and that is the one and only hormone that at home pregnancy tests test for. Your friend is either making stuff up or is gullible enough to believe something they heard…

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Can Clomid make your period be late?
Q: I am on round 1 of Clomid and am a day late. Everyone says that Clomid will mimick pregnancy symptoms and someone even told me Clomid will give a false positive on a pregnancy test. So… with this being told to me… and my period being late… do I test or do I wait to see if Clomid is making me late? I mean if I will probably get a false positive, what is the point really? It won’t be true if it says positive.
A: Hey i have just finished 6 rounds of Clomid and i often had signs of pregnancy or severe AF symptoms as they are meant to be sooo similar annoyingly.I actually have never heard of a false positive through Clomid, maybe that was a faulty test for previous answer, not sure?? My specialist never warned me of this!!?? I havent seen it upon my research either, so i think if it does, it really has been a low %.I have never had a BFP in mths of Clomid!Im 3 days late though now, and had on off light brown spotting and nothing still, no other sign of AF and spotting is dissapearing and changing clear then light brown, im going mad argggggh!, I had a BFN mon so reluctant to test…!My cycles were 42days and clomid got them down to 30 days as a rule on CLomid but if you have a 28day, it can make them a little longer!If you cant hold out any longer, get Clear Blue Digital as more sensitive . . .the longer you wat, the more accurate your test would be but with being late, its very likely your result would be accurate!Best of luck and i hope you get your BFP hunxxxxx
Can a pregnancy test give you a positive result 1 week before your missed period?
Q: okay so the first day of my last period was on june 26th which this one wasn’t normal at all i normally go for 7 to 8 days and this one was pretty heavy for 2 days and then ended on June 30th so it lasted 4 days. i took a test on the 15th of july and it came back positive…a faint line but it was there…I took that one late at night…I took another one the next morning and i sure was prego! I took about 6 more all different brands and I confirmed it…the question is how far along am I? was my body going through implantation when I had that period? Because I thought the earliest a pregnancy test can predict was 5 days before your missed period…and I do have a 28 day cycle…the other thing is i was on birth control but I don’t always take the pills that make you have your period…but last month i decided to…it just wasn’t normal! Someone please help! how far along am I?
A: Your period was probably messed up because of your birth control pills. As long as your body is producing enough HCG then it can be detected by a test. The box says 5 days prior to a missed period b/c MOST women won’t produce enough of the HCG hormone earlier than that to be detected by the test. I would base your dates from your last period, whether it was an abnormal one or not. According to the date of 6/26 you would be about 4 weeks pregnant with a due date around April 2, 2010. Of course once you go to the doctor and they do your initial ultrasound they can give you a better estimate of the actual date based off of the measurements of the baby. Congrats and good luck!
Can I still get a false positive pregnancy test after taking Plan B?
Q: March 7th i had unprotected sex, on March 8th I took the Plan b pill. It is now April 1st and I still havent gotten my period I took a home pregnancy test which came out postive. So am i really pregnant or perhaps is there a possibility that its a false alarm and the Plan b has just delayed my period or have something in it that could make a home pregnancy test positive?? Please give me your adivse.
A: usually theres NO false positives. the ONLY Way that would happen, and its rare, is if you were taking fertility drugs….i would say your pregnant. and the plan B didnt work. congrats
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