Can being sick while pregnant cause a miscarriage

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This depends on the sickness. If it’s just a common cold then no it cannot cause the baby to die. ChaCha! [ Source: ]
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Can being sick while pregnant cause a miscarriage
This depends on the sickness. If it’s just a common cold then no it cannot cause the baby to die. ChaCha!

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How long to stay away from possible measles infected person while pregnant?
Q: Hello!My Dad was working in a house the other day where the child was off sick with measles. He hasn’t had measles and all I can find online is that it can take anywhere from 6 to 21 days for symptoms to come out. How long should I stay away from him? I know the complications it can cause with pregnancy (miscarriage, still birth etc).Thanks. (I’m 21 Weeks BTW).
A: I would go to the doctor to have your measles titers checked. They can see if your MMR vaccine (if you had one) “took” when you were younger. I know that mine never “took” and that I could still get measles and rubella, despite having had the vaccines 6 times. They can run a simple blood test to see if you are immune.
Anxiety while being pregnant?
Q: I constantly worry and obsess that something I do (for instance ingest, touch or yell etc..) is going to hurt my baby. I have always been kind of an anxious person but from the moment I found out I am pregnant I worry about everything. I worried about miscarriage and now that I am 24 weeks I worry about pre-term labor. I worry that if I yell or my boyfriend talks loudly into my stomach (which he does a lot) that I will harm the babys hearing or when my bf shined a flashlight on my stomach that the light could hurt his eyes.. I worry about swallowing something that can make me sick, or getting an infection that can cause preterm labor. I worry that I might harm family by feeding them something that might make them sick because it was left out or that if I don’t go with them somewhere they may get in a car accident and I will regret not going… It never ends. I am constantly worrying and obsessing. Is OCD or anxiety made worse by pregnancy? I thought I was over all of this. I was on meds for 2 years and got off because I was doing better. 3 years later looks like I am on that same road and when I have the baby I am hoping it will all go away so I don’t have to get back on meds again.
A: I do the same thing, it drives my husband crazy (understandably). I’ve started to make myself let things go, and that what’s done is done – can’t change it now, just make it better next time. I just ate light yogurt that had aspartame in it, then came on here and everyone is freaking out about that chemical. I had to stop worrying,give the rest away, and move on…I was also on anxiety medicine, and stopped before I got pregnant, and was doing great. I think all the hormones, on top of the nurturing mother instinct make the worrying worse. You can talk to your doctor about it if you feel like its way too much (too much worrying is not good for baby, but like I said, I worry too so I understand). As far as pre-term labor, you’re now at the mark of survival and every week now will be a stronger chance. Loud noises are softened by the water (like what you hear when you’re under water in a swimming pool) and actually I work in a factory (and occasionally need earplugs) so there’s much louder noises than someone just talking loudly to your belly (and if yelling hurt your baby’s ears pretty much every baby would have hearing problems, because most mothers raise their voices at least a few times during pregnancy – all them hormones lol). I know a few people who have been to concerts as well (my mother included), and baby’s hearing is fine. The flashlight won’t hurt the baby’s eyes, they’re not open yet for one, and even if they were its not bright enough to hurt them. Actually, on the pregnancy websites they say “if you were to shine a flashlight on your belly the baby would turn his/her head towards the light” – check out About getting sick off swallowing something – just check the due dates on everything, and don’t eat anything past the date on the container. There’s so many foods, additives, even dyes that they say to avoid, that you kind of have to just relax, after the major no-nos, otherwise you wouldn’t be able to eat anything lol. There are way too many things in life that could be worried about that you’re going to make yourself miserable with it. Try to relax and enjoy the pregnancy, I know its easier said than done for worriers like us, but calm down and if something doesn’t seem right, THEN call and ask your OB to be better safe than sorry.
Cramping while pregnant?
Q: Hi I am almost 7 weeks pregnant and have had a c section 3 years ago it seems like i have more harsh feeling cramps today and some of them are in my scar that has scar tissue. Also I am all of a sudden sick I ate some sushi I didn’t know I wasnt supposed to the next day I was so sick I was in bed all day and than today feel somewhat better but feel like i have strep and a sinus headache. Are these cramps normal I mean they come and go and I notice I have a lot of cm after the cramps (just my uterus and cervix?) Dont know its not hurting anymore but can the sickness cause miscarriage or is this normal Thank you for your helpalso have a fever
A: Don’t worry. Cramps in the first trimester are completely normal. It’s your body starting to prepare for the growth that is necessary to hold the baby. If you are not bleeding and are not having and major pains like contractions just get some rest. Mention it to your doctor on your next visit. The nausea and being sick is probably from the sushi which I know you know you are not supposed to eat but don’t worry at 7 weeks alot of women don’t even know they are pregnant. Just tell your doctor all of this. I am sure you are going to be just fine!
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