Can drinking cause a miscarriage

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Yes, absolutely, alcohol may play a key role in early miscarriage. Thanks for ChaCha-ing, tell your friends about us! [ Source: ]
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Will drinking beer while pregnant cause a miscarriage?
It could cause a miscarriage or other problems like Fetal Alcohol Syndrome. Do not drink any alcohol while pregnant! ChaCha!
Does drinking vinegar cause miscarriage? Think about it this way, pickles contain vinegar and pregnant women love pickles (or so the stereotype goes) If vinegar caused miscarriages, would pregnant women continue to eat pickles (…
Does drinking cause a miscarriage
I’m no Doctor but excessive drinking can,most of the time though drinking leads to down syndrome it damages the fetus so if your pregnant don’t drink alcohol or take any type of drugs what so ever through out the pregnancy IMHO especially i…

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Why do people in africa think that drinking lemon can cause a miscarriage?
Q: or prevent pregnancy?yes if lemon juice is inserted into the vagina after intercourse yes it can prevent pregnancy by killing off the sperm but drinking it would not prevent pregnancy or miscarriage.
A: A lot of people in Africa are uneducated. You can’t blame them for it.
Can drinking green tea, cause a miscarriage?
Q: I heard this before. I drink iced green teas all the time and was wondering if this were true? Is the same for diet drinks and foods? Thank you.
A: Green tea contains caffeine, which has been linked to miscarriage, so it might be best to limit how much you drink. My OB told me it was okay to drink up to two caffeinated drinks a day, but other doctors will tell you not to take in caffeine at all. You could try switching to an iced herbal tea during pregnancy, since herbal teas have no caffeine. Red raspberry leaf is a great tea to drink during pregnancy because it can help prevent miscarriage and strengthen the uterine muscles, which can make labor and delivery relatively easier. As far as diet drinks and foods, the only artificial sweetener approved for moderate use during pregnancy, as far as I know, is aspartame. By moderate I mean putting a packet of Equal in your hot tea, not subsisting on diet sodas in place of water or juice. Most doctors will tell you not to choose diet foods because they are nutritionally inadequate to begin with, and a wholesome diet during pregnancy is one of the best things you can do for yourself and your baby.
can drinking coffee cause a miscarriage especially in the early days.?
A: not likely.I am sorry if you had one. Many people start to review their lives to see what they could have done differently to “prevent” the miscarriage.About 50% of pregnancy end up as miscarriages. Many people don’t even know. If you are trying to get pregnant, then eliminating everything that doesn’t total support your baby is a good thing. Eat good, don’t smoke, take your prenatal vitamins, drink water, eliminate soda, drink milk, eat honey, etc. Don’t beat yourself up.Most miscarriages are the result of the body terminating a genetic anomaly.
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