Can girls have their period when they are pregnant

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You can’t have a period and be pregnant. Bleeding in early pregnancy is a common occurrence, but is not a true menstrual cycle. [ Source: ]
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Can a girl have her period when pregnant?
no a girl can not have her period when she is pregnant. some females spot while pregnant and they get that confused with their period.
How long after a period can a girl get pregnant??
Not quite correct. If a woman has a regular 28 day cycle she is likely to ovulate 14 days after the first day of her period, no matter how long the period is. She can get pregnant for 3 or 4 days either side of ovulation, that is Day 11 t…
Is it true that some girls still have a period when they’re pregn…?
Take a pregnancy test. You can have bleeding that some women mistake as a period but it is fairly rare and not usually every month. What do you mean by all the symptoms? Not all women experience the same symptioms and most symptoms of pr…

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Can a girl get pregnant when they are on their period?
Q: To make a long story short, this past summer, I met these two older girls that live down the road from me. I’m 14. They are 18-19. They let me do a lot to them but only let me have sex when they were on their period. They would bring friends they knew over when their friends were on their period too. I lost my virginity to them and have had sex with 12 different girls just this summer. I know this probably sounds sleazy, and it probably is, anyway I heard from one of these girls that one of their friends is pregnant and is trying to blame me. I think it is because my parents are wealthy. Isn’t it impossible to get pregnant when you are on your period? Thanks.
A: Yes, its not very likely, but yes.Theres a very very very small percent of a chance, but it’s possible.
can a girl/woman get pregnant if they have sex without a condom when they are on their period?
Q: i had sex with my bf when i was on my perido & at first he wasn’t wearing a condom but he then put one on. does this mean i could have still got pregnant?? (i havent had a test)
A: Yes, it’s slightly possible, but not very likely at all, for you to be pregnant. 1. Men produce pre-ejaculate. This pre-ejaculate lubricates the male urethra and prepares it for the passage of sperm. Normally, pre-ejaculate doesn’t contain sperm. However, if the man has ejaculated in the last 24 hours, some sperm can remain in the man’s urethra and can be washed out with the pre-ejaculate.2. Although most women ovulate mid-cycle, you can ovulate any time, even during your period.3. Sperm can live in the body for several days, traveling towards your fallopian tubes. If you’ve ovulated, and if the egg is fertilized, it will take several more days to travel back to the uterus, where you may have built up enough uterine lining for it to implant.Although pregnancy is very unlikely for your scenario, there is always some chance for pregnancy with unprotected penetration, with or without ejaculation, at any time of the month. Fortunately your boyfriend decreased the chance of pregnancy significantly when he put on the condom.Continue to use condoms, or your birth control of choice, with every instance of penis/vagina contact.
Is anyone else tired of girls asking if they are pregnant when they are having several periods?
Q: Well, I am. I went to and found this.Tracey Telles, obstetrician and fertility specialist Well, no, you can’t get your period once you’re pregnant — once your body starts producing the hormone human chorionic gonadotropin (hCG) and your pregnancy is established, your menstrual cycle is interrupted and normal periods stop. But you may have bleeding or spotting during pregnancy that can seem like a period.Some pregnant women have what’s called “implantation bleeding” that can happen around the time their period is due, and they may mistake that bleeding for a period. This spotting may be caused by the fertilized egg burrowing into the blood-rich lining of the uterus, a process that starts just 6 days after fertilization, and it’s generally a lot lighter than a typical period — just a day or two of very light spotting.If you’re pregnant and you’re not sure when your last period started, this can make establishing a due date difficult for your healthcare provider.If you have any doubts, your provider can feel how big your uterus is with a pelvic examination and estimate how far along you are. In most cases, your provider will also order an ultrasound before the middle of your pregnancy to measure the size of your developing baby and clarify exactly when the baby is due.Many women who bleed a little bit in early pregnancy deliver without any complications, but bleeding can also be a cause for concern. It may be the first sign of a miscarriage. If so, your symptoms probably will go on to include heavy cramping and bleeding much heavier than a normal period.Abnormal bleeding can also be a sign of ectopic or tubal pregnancy. If you have sharp pains in your lower abdomen, especially if the pain is only on one side, you should see your practitioner right way to find out if you have an ectopic pregnancy. A tubal pregnancy can be life-threatening, and sometimes the only symptom is bleeding around the time your period is expected.Often, the period may be lighter than usual. Sometimes a home pregnancy test will be negative, and the pregnancy can only be detected by checking blood hCG levels.If you bleed at all early in your pregnancy, it’s best to notify your doctor or midwife to get specific instructions. She may suggest getting a blood test to check your hCG levels or order an ultrasound to evaluate your condition more thoroughly.I’ll be lucky if anyone reads this – but I’m pregnant with #2 and never had bleeding while pregnant and don’t know anyone else who did. I know some people do and it’s really rare. Basically, if you are having regular periods you are not pregnant.
A: Yeah or asking how to tell if they are pregnant…everyone knows TAKE A TEST! hehe Thanks for posting that!
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