Can Gonorrhea prevent you from getting pregnant

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A pregnant woman with untreated gonorrhea may be at risk for miscarriage, and trouble becoming pregnant. Thank you! [ Source: ]
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How to Prevent Getting Gonorrhea:
The best way to prevent getting gonorrhea is to abstain from sexual intercourse. Another option is to be in a long-term mutually monogamous relationship with a partner who has been tested and is not infected with gonorrhea. Latex condoms, w…
How can I prevent getting a gonorrhea infection??
The best way is to talk to your partner about sexually transmitted diseases (STD) before you have sex. Having a new partner, or changing partners can increase your STD risk. Using condoms can provide protection. If your partner has a rash, …

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The real chance of getting STDs from clean people?
Q: What are the real chances of developing STDs? Assuming two people are virgins, have been tested negative for STDs, and their parents are STD free, could you even develop ANY STD(using a condom of course)? I mean come on, to HAVE children you need unprotected sex and if they didn’t get AIDS from getting pregnant would a condom have a purpose outside preventing unwanted pregnancy? Education these days use the “scare” tactic and make sex sound like a crime and that you’ll get syphilis gonorrhea HIV chalymdia etc. from having sex and that you shouldnt be friends with people that have sex. Can someone tell it like it is? Don’t tell me what I want to hear, tell me the truth!
A: There is absolutely NO CHANCE of getting an STD under those circumstances.I feel the same way as you do, they make it out like its crime, as if theres absolutely nothing good that comes out of it. It annoys the crap out of me. If the girl is on the pill and neither of you have an STD, then sex without a condom is almost perfectly okay. Theres about a .000000000001% that the girl would get pregnant, and 0% that you would get an STD. Theres my opinion :]
greenish yellow discharge, watery brown/bloody discharge, itch, no odor?
Q: My symptoms are in the title of the question and here is my medical history:I have abnormal hormone levels and Leiden Factor V (a DNA mutation which heightens my risks for blood clots. Due to both of these, I am not qualified to take regular pill birth control, because I’ll most likely get blood clots. Yet, my OB/GYN was concerned about me getting pregnant (I am sexually active) so even though I can’t take pill or common forms of birth control, she inserted Implanon in my arm. Unfortunately, I can never take anything to regulate my period again because the blood clots — my periods are extremely irregular due to my abnormal hormone levels, sometimes I only get them three times a year, I never know when they’re going to start of stop, the length of each one is completely unpredictable — but the Implanon has a 100% rate of preventing pregnancy.I recently had my period, but the thing is — it lasted about 20 days, I didn’t have it for 2 days, then I got it again for 3 days. This is the longest period I’ve ever had in my life, but I assumed there was no problem seeing how I’ve been irregular to an extreme extent since I first got my period years ago (I’m 18 years old.) My period eventually stopped about 4 days ago, but then I started getting a heavier than usual, white, chunky, sticky discharge. I thought I might have a yeast infection — I had one yeast infection last year. The next day, that discharge became more greenish/yellow in color and changed to more of a normal discharge consistency; It was not frothy, chunky, or overly sticky. I also started experiencing itching only from the inside walls of my labia minora. The color of that skin was a very subtle, light red. Then today the greenish/yellow discharge continued in the morning but by 4pm, it had changed to a watery brown/bloody discharge that actually made a small spot that went through my underwear. I was completely surprised. When I just had the greenish/yellow discharge, I thought it was a bacterial infection, chlamydia, or gonorrhea but was definitely hoping that it was just a yeast infection. No odor was ever present throughout any stage of these problems. But after the discharge changed to a brown/bloody discharge with a watery consistency I’m starting to panic because that’s a symptom of cancer — cervical cancer to be exact. The reason I’m panicking more than another person is, is because my Mom was diagnosed with cervical cancer two years ago. She survived after surgery, but there was an almost guaranteed chance that I would likewise be diagnosed with cervical when I was older — I just did not think it’d be this soon.What do you think it is?
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