Can hermaphrodites get pregnant

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There are many different biological reasons for a person being born a hermaphrodite. Depending on the biological configurations of a person, pregnancy could be possible. [ Source: ]
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Can a hermaphrodite get pregnant?
A hermaphrodite can get pregnant. A hermaphrodite has the same reproduction system as a woman and a man. He or she is equipped with both sexual organs which gives them the best of both worlds
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“Hermaphrodites are capable of getting pregnant but holding full term would be the issue.” If a Hermaphrodites were with all functional organs such as gonads, uterus and able to produce sperm and eggs and then able to mate both to…
Could a hermaphrodite get him/herself pregnant?
There has never been a documented case. Hermaphrodites most of the time lack one or more of the components necessary to reproduce and bear a child.

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Can hermaphrodites ever get pregnant?
Q: Most importantly would a woman hermaphrodite, with both a penis and vagina, be able to have intercourse with herself and get pregnant? Has this ever happened anywhere in the world? Would the baby look exactly like the mother, as all the genes are from the mother. In other words she could possible give birth to a baby clone of herself, amirite?
A: no. in science a hermaphrodite is a genetic defect and if a women has a penis it doesnt work, its like having a 6th finger that is just dead hanging there. There is no sperm or testies, just a flopy piece of skin.the same goes with a man. they dont have the organs inside to do anything with what is showing on the out side.
Can hermaphrodites get themselves pregnant?
Q: Can they produce sperm? Or have intercourse with themselves?
A: No. One, they cannot get their wiener into their donut, if you get my drift, and two, they would not get pregnant, because their DNA is for them exclusively, and if their DNA interacts with itself, it would be like cloning, and also it would be like getting pregnant with a relative.
About hermaphrodites?
Q: I have a few questions about hermaphrodites…If a man has sexual intercourse with a hermaphrodite, does it make him gay or bi? (by using both of hers)Can a hermaphrodite get pregnant?Can a hermaphrodite get a regular girl pregnant?Can a hermaphrodite get herself pregnant?What are the odds of finding ONE hermaphrodite? (Because I know three and I’m dating another so four in total)well 2 of the ones I’m not dating don’t have a fully developed d*** it looks like a d*** sized cl**the sad part is my um girlfriend (I guess you could say) her package is bigger than mine./_/
A: most hermaphrodites are sterile, so cannot get pregnant/ or make someone else pregnant. and about if your dating one, itsreally up to the hermaphrodite whether they see themselves as a guyor girl. Most pick a gender (and normally remove the other sex organ) or they look like one of the genders and just stick to that
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