Can HPV make you infertile

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HPV does not interfere with a woman’s ability to become pregnant. Thanks for doing the ChaCha! [ Source: ]
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Can Hpv make you infertile?
NO it doesn’t make you infertile, the only trouble you may have is if you need work done to your cervix. ive been pregnant 5 times and i have hpv. ive had 2 operations on my cervix and very little is left. all i need is a stitch to keep my …
Does HPV vaccine really make women infertile??
It obviously does not make everyone infertile, but it might make some infertile. It is too soon to tell, since it is such a new vaccine. There have been no studies on the HPV vaccine’s effects on human fertility, so there is no way at this …
Is it possible the HPV vaccine could make you infertile??
There is absolutely no reason to think the vacccine will make you infertile. Many women have had it an go on to have perfectly normal pregnancies. Your mother’s concerns are somewhat valid . . . the vaccine has been around fewer than 10 yea…

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Can Hpv make you infertile?
Q: I was diagnosed with hpv 2 years ago and am at that time in my life that i’m considering getting pregnant. Can hpv make you infertile or if not can it have any affect on the unborn baby?
A: NO it doesn’t make you infertile, the only trouble you may have is if you need work done to your cervix. ive been pregnant 5 times and i have hpv. ive had 2 operations on my cervix and very little is left. all i need is a stitch to keep my cervix strong when im pregnant. dont worry. you may have the type of hpv that causes warts, which are pretty harmless and easily treated, i have the type that causes the cancer. please go see your gp and they will explain all the different types. all the best x
Do you realize that getting the HPV vaccine could kill you or make you infertile?
Q: There has been something like 18 deaths,paralises,miscarriages,babies born with bith defects from getting this vaccine.There are around 100 different strains of HPV.Only 4 are in the vaccine.So if you get the strain,that isn`t in the vaccine,you can still get HPV.When these young girls grow up,and want to have children,I hope the option hasn`t been taken away from them,by this vaccine.Why would you want to get injected with a live virus,that hasn`t even been tested for a very long.The long term effects arn`t known yet,but when your daughter wants to have children,I think the effects will show thier true colors.
A: You do realize that the vaccine is only against the cervical cancer causing viruses right? And that it’s not being sold as anything else?You do realize that said info about deaths has been released by an organization called Judicial Watch, a deep fundamentalist christian political lobbyist group, and what they basically did was go and collect the a list of people who had taken the vaccine and died? And all the people listed died of causes unrelated? People with heart defects dying of heart problems: Let’s blame the vaccine.You do realize that this vaccine doesn’t contain live virus? Only protein generated to look like the virus.There are two main adverse effects relating to the vaccine – fainting, which probably has more to do with being vaccinated, regardless of what it’s with, and mild fever which lasts for a day or so. As with all vaccines, inflammation where the injection takes place is common.There’s a significant amount of false information being spread about this vaccine, most of which is being spread by a conservative group called Judicial Watch, which has released data claiming that ~4000 people have died who have taken the vaccine, conveniently ignoring the fact that most of these deaths are from conditions that have nothing to do with this vaccine, such as Guillain-Barre Syndrome, which is due to molecular similarities between an infectious disease and human proteins in the central nervous system. The proteins of HPV have no similarity to any known protein in the central nervous system. Other deaths included in the data are a twelve year old girl with heart disease, who died from complications of the flu. In short, Judicial Watch is claiming that everyone who takes the vaccine, and dies or has a problem can blame this vaccine. This is blatantly false, and Judicial Watch and it’s associated organizations have previously spread false data about contraceptive pills and other forms of birth control as part of a campaign for abstinence only education. In short, they’re not actually against any of these things in particular, they’re against people having sex without consequences, as their largely fundamentalist Christian doctrine says they should.Basically, this is a vaccine against an STD. An STD that causes cancer in a lot of young women. There’s a large group of people in the US that believe you shouldn’t be having sex with anyone unless you’re married to them, and absolutely refuse to acknowledge that this is not what will happen in most peoples lives. As such, they actively campaign against anything that makes sex safer for those who do not adhere to this belief, perhaps out of some assumption that if other people choose not to follow it and aren’t punished, then their position has no merits and no one will adhere to it.Approximately five million doses of the vaccine have been distributed, and ongoing monitoring has yet to find any further adverse effects related to the vaccine. There’s a lot of accsuations of sterility floating around on Yahoo answers – which have been investigated and been found to be unrelated. In other words there are other things causing these issues, or they don’t exist.
Can HPV in some way prevent you from getting pregnant or make you infertile?
Q: My husband and I have been trying to have a baby for over a year now. We have tried everything. I dont have regular periods, but I take ovulation tests everyday. I have HPV, and I am wondering if that could effect me being fertile or not. I also have a doctors appointment March 6. Is there anything else we can do until then????
A: Having HPV does not interfere with a woman’s ability to become pregnant. A few other facts you might be interested in…- The CDC says that it’s possible for the HPV virus to be passed from mother to child during birth but it is “rare.” In fact, the agency estimates that this occurs in no more than 1.1 cases per 100,000 children. In these rare cases, the HPV infection is found in the infant’s respiratory tract, which can lead to wart-like growths. Cesarean delivery is not usually recommended as a method of preventing this unusual occurrence.- Most pregnant women with genital warts are unlikely to have any HPV-related complications during pregnancy or childbirth. Although genital warts may have grown in number during pregnancy due to changes in the body’s immune system, treatment may be delayed until after birth to see if they go away on their own.Best of Luck,Tracey from
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