Can I be pregnant if I just had a period and am now having cramps

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You could very well be. Although the timing would be a bit off, women have been known to conceive at different times. ChaCha! [ Source: ]
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Can I be pregnant if I just had a period and am now having cramps?
You could very well be. Although the timing would be a bit off, women have been known to conceive at different times. ChaCha!

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so my period came almost 2 wks late and now i have really sever cramps, can i be pregnant?
Q: i wrote about 4 days ago about how i was trying to concieve and so my period did end up being late this month. for a week before my period i had cramps as if i were on my period but i wasnt. i have taken a few pregnancy tests and they were all negative. but now the period finally did come, like i said almost two weeks late, and i am having really bad cramps. which i dont normally get. not bad enough to go to the hospital or anything but they just really hurt. its just odd how this all happend the first month my fiance and i decide to have a baby. my question is, has anyone been pregnant, and still had their period, but late in their first month? i figure im probably not pregnant but im just curious???
A: Yes you can be pregnant and still have your period my friend didn’t know for 4 months because she had hers for 3 of those months but you can also be late do to stress or being constantly on the move it just depends on your body
Could I be pregnant?
Q: Could I be pregnant even though I tested negative?I had sex with my boyfriend unprotected feb 3, and it was during the week I was most fertile. I was due to ovulate on the 6th. My period usually comes the 21st. We used the withdrawal method and he pulled out before he finished. I know it is possible to get pregnant this way, but chances are slight.About 7 days after I ovulated, I started getting cramping in my lower abdomen, kind of like period cramps, but milder, and some pains were sharp, I’ve had these pains for about 2 weeks now. and they are getting a little stronger the closer I get to my period. I don’t usually start cramping for my period until about 3-4 days before.Also, I sleep a LOT. I feel as if I don’t sleep at all, I can sleep all day, and still feel un-rested.Two days ago, I woke up at 6 a.m. and threw up from horrible nausea, and felt better, about 15 min. later I threw up again because I got so lightheaded it made me nauseated, and had diahrrea all day [sorrry for TMI] But had no fever or chills like food poisoning and ate the same things my family did.I have also had headaches, and lower back aches. I realize some of these symptoms can be in my head, but I know I am not creating the cramps and sickness and fatigue.I took a test yesterday, and tested negative.Am I just creating a fantasy in my head? :/Serious answers will be greatly appreciated :]
A: i would wait another week or so then take another one if nothing has happened since today.or, go and see your gp
Seriously! Driving me crazy, please can someone help me, am i pregnant? Did i miscarry?
Q: Ok, if you have read any of my previous questions im sorry to ramble on so much! This is the situation, i had unprotected sex on the 1st of February, using the pull out method, which i now realise was really stupid… i took the morning after pill at 68 hours, at which point the nurse told me there is a 50% chance of it not working. I looked back at when my last period was, and figured out that the 1st Feb was 14 days after my last period started, meaning i was ovulating on that day.Since then i have had the following symptoms…Really bad fatigue (I slept almost all weekend!)NauseaSore Breasts, and new bumps around my areola’s (Montgomerys Tubercles??)Crazy dreams, mainly involving me being pregnant, and how i would deal with itHead AchesThe thing that has totally thrown me is that my period started on Saturday, and finished on Sunday?! It was a perfectly normal period, with normal cramps and darkness. But i am still having the above symptoms today, and throughout the time i was having my period? Can you have a period while being pregnant, or was i having a misscarriage? Or was i not pregnant at all, and this is all just in my mind?!I have tried to see my doctor, but cannot get an appointment until next thursday, which seems like ages away, and i dont know what to do before then?!Can anyone shed any light??
A: Yes you can still have a period whilst pregnant, some women carry on their lives as if nothing happened but then nine months down the line they end up pushing out a baby and didn’t know anything about To put your mind at rest why dont you go to your local pharmacy and get a pregnancy test. =)
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