Can I do crunches while pregnant

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It is fine to do them, but keep in mind lying flat on your back tends to lower your blood pressure, which could inhibit the MORE? [ Source: ]
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Is it safe to do crunches while pregnant?
At 18 weeks, I would think it’s not ideal (although I know you “can” do them). Try doing ab exercises while in the pool so that you don’t place strain on your back. The “hey, you’re pregnant” book my dr. gave me says you…
Is it ok to do crunches while you’re pregnant?
Talk to your doctor in regards to what type of exercises to do during a pregnancy. My doctor would not allow me to do anything that was on my back after I was 12 wks. He would then not allow me to run after I was 26 wks. Each doctor is diff…
Can u do crunches while pregnant?
My OB told me its safe to exercises just avoid all stomach exercises such as crunches. so i am going to say NO

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Can u do crunches while pregnant?
Q: I am only TTC now but i have been doing them for a while now and IF i would become pregnant is it safe for the baby?
A: My OB told me its safe to exercises just avoid all stomach exercises such as crunches. so i am going to say NO
exercising while pregnant?
Q: I’m 10 weeks pregnant and trying to stay in shape. Can i still do sit-ups or crunches while I’m pregnant?
A: You can exercise while pregnant, yes. Cardio – like walking and swimming – is great throughout pregnancy. Some women like prenatal yoga or other prenatal exercises.I am not sure on sit-ups and crunches, that is something you should really talk to your doctor about.
Crunches/sit-ups/running while pregnant?
Q: Is it healthy to do these excersises?If so, for how long can i do these without harm to the baby? (i’ve heard 12 weeks is this true?)
A: I just read an article in American Baby Magazine that said you can work out all the way up until your due date (consult your doctor ofcourse) Here is the little box next to the article, easier to read then if I explain it! 1st Trimester-you can pretty much continue doing exactly what you were doing-now would be a great time to get involved in prenatal yoga or pilates-if you feel sluggish, try to decrease the intensity or duration of your work out (ex. drop your jogging pace by 30 seconds a mile, or cut your bike ride a few miles short)2nd trimester-heart is starting to work harder to circulate all the blood built up during first three months, cut back cadio intensity by 20 to 30 percent-avoid inversions (such as downward dog) if you feel light-headed at all-if you ride a bike, switch to a stationary since your belly will make it harder to balance!3rd trimester-joints are more vulnerable so beware of heavy (15 pounds or more) weights, opt instead for more reps with a lighter weight-do free-weight excersies seated, support back at all costs-can continue with cardio right up until you deliver but don’t be suprised if you walk faster then you run. many women find supporting the belly helps too.-TRY SWIMMING. you feel way less weight in water.
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