Can i drink energy drinks when im pregnant

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It is recommended to cut out caffeine from your diet when you’re pregnant and energy drinks are FULL of caffeine. I wouldn’t. [ Source: ]
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Why Cant I Take Energy Drinks While Im Pregnant?
Nope. Most energy drinks contain ginseng. Which u definately cant have when pregnant. Most cans will say dont consume if pregnant.
Is it ok to drink red bull energy drink while im pregnant??
I think it wouldn’t be a very good idea, It may state right on the can, about pregnant woman using the product, most products today, state dangers all the times now! If your really not sure ask your Doctor for that kind of advise! I would r…
Is Monster A Bad Energy Drink To drink when im trying to lose wei…?
Coffee isn’t so bad if you are not using sugar. I know of a product that I take for energy which is also fat burning. It also includes a lot of vitamins and is only 60 calories per serving. If you are interested ion looking it up send me an…

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What is so bad about energy drinks when pregnant or breastfeeding?
Q: I just had my son 4 months ago and i didnt touch an energy drink while i was pregnant. Now i am breast feeding i have had a few as it was the 1 thing i never stopped craving. Im just wondering why they are so bad and what effects they have on the child while still in the tummy and what can happen if breastfeeding
A: The “energy” in energy drinks typically comes from a large concentration of caffeine. Because caffeine is a stimulant it is not recommended that pregnant and nursing women consume too much of it. Stimulants, such as caffeine, increase blood pressure as well as heart rate, neither of which are healthy during pregnancy. Caffeine is also a diuretic, which can lead to dehydration. Since caffeine crosses the placenta, it is recommended to not consume much caffeine while pregnant due to risks to the baby. During breast feeding, caffeine does get into breast milk, but as long as you keep your intake of caffeine low, than there shouldn’t be any problems drinking an energy drink occasionally. Read the label of the energy drink before you drink it. An average 8 ounce cup of coffee contains 137 mg of caffeine. If your energy drink contains more than 400 mg of caffeine, you may want to drink it sparingly and perhaps just after a feeding to give your body time to process the concentration of caffeine before the next feeding. Remember that caffeine is a diuretic so increase your water intake after you drink an energy drink. Keeping adequately hydrated helps maintain breast milk production.
is it the food, new energy drink, flu, pregnant? 10 points best answer?
Q: I’m a 16 year old in high school, ok so monday i went to the braves game and after when we were headin back to the buses some people in a van were handin out official new energy drinks (so it wasn’t some hobo) we got them for free its call Venom, and i had one yesterday and one today and yesterday when i got home about an hour later i was so drained it wasn’t funny, normally i don’t get tired like that unless i’ve been up for 38 hours and i’ve had every energy drink known to man kind and never had something like that happen, but around 8 i felt a little more awake. And today i had another one i felt fine but i was startin to get a little hot and shaky, again never happened b4 with an energy drink (cept for the shakin) then at lunch i accedently ate spicy chicken when i can’t eat cause it upsets my stomach but i normally don’t throw up, 10 minutes later i’m feeling like i’m gonna throw up and i run to the bathroom and i lay on the ground cause im buring up and its cold and im hacking up crap (and i do have acid reflex but it tasted like throw up) so i layed there crying in the school bathroom for like 30 minutes (i tired to go to the nurse but she’s out today) so i went back to class and layed my head down till next period when in the hall i asked my BF if i felt hot and he said i was burning up, now im really hot tired and i feel like im gonna puke. So is it the flu coming to me, was it the energy drink, am i pregnant, or was it just the food? please help meFYI i had mono last year but i don’t think thats a problem right nowand every now and then i feel perfectly fine then bad again
A: Its really nothing to worry about. I tried the venom as well, and had similar problems. I like the taste, but that was about all. The feelings you had (the upset tummy and the lack of energy) were simply from the tons of sugar and large amount of caffeine. Personally, I now only drink low carb monster energy… Its much higher quality, and I dont get the sugar crash which is caused by all of the sugar stimulating insulin release in your body. Also, if you have some food in your stomach, you will avoid the upset. It sounds to me that maybe youre a bit like me, and your body is super sensitive to anything you take. I promise, youll be ok!
I’m 16 weeks pregnant and fixing to go on a long road trip. Stay awake??
Q: I will be 21 weeks when we leave. The first night of the trip my husband will drive while I try to sleep and wake me up around 11 pm to drive for three hours. Im afraid I will get so tired. Is there anything that you can recomend from your pregnancy experience that helped you in that pinch? I don’t drink cofee or really much else than some juice and ALOT of water. I used to drink energy drinks before I was pregnant.. I need this for just that one time. Any suggestions? Heck I might be fine, but just in case.
A: sunflower seeds will do wonders…eating them keeps you awake. Also, just stop and get a smoothie drink along with the seeds…nothing with caffiene.
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