Can I have info on pregnancy

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As soon as you suspect you’re pregnant, schedule appointment with obstetrician/gynecologist. It’s wise to get off to a good start. [ Source: ]
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Jincy – Absolutely you can have children while taking these meds for lupus BUT you have to be followed by someone who specializes in High Risk pregnancies and who will do regular bloodwork and ultrasounds to make sure your baby is growing p…
Could be, but its a lower chance, your most fertile time would be anywhere from 12-16 days after the first day of your period.. good luck
During the 2nd trimester, weeks 13-27, skin begins to form on the fetus, organs such as the lungs and brain develop further.

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Do you any c section stories Or pregnancy info?
Q: I’m 36 weeks and like many pregnant women can’t find enough out about being pregnant! – Do you have any stories about c section births as i’m being taken in in 2weeks time for mine and also what should i be doing with myself for the next two weeks!! I’m on bed rest, but have 2 hours a day where i am allowed to “sit downstairs” and watch daytime tv day time tv and more daytime tv lol. (Argh! 2 weeks here i come) any suggestions for either questions? X
A: 1st off congrats. Some people say C-Section is the easy way out but in all means it isnt. The recovery is longer and more strenuous. I had a C-Section (not by choice) in 2005 with my son. I had been having problems since about my 7th month with my kidneys. I had a minor surgery to insert a stent between my bladder and kidney. After that I was in the hospital every week. My son actually wanted to come early and they put me on medication to stop my contractions and keep him in .. lol … Well finally the night of my birthday I had a great dinner at Red Lobster with my fiance and my mother and I just knew it was time to go .. So in labor since the night of the 15th .. They induced me twice … Nothing .. So on the morning of the 18th at around 9am the doctor came in and said well we cant send you home, so the other option is to have a c-section and at that point .. I DID NOT CARE … Lol .. To prepare i put my hair up so it wouldnt be in the way .. Thankfully I had my fiance shave my genital area the day before (or the nurse does it for you) for when they have the catheter… And thats it .. So I had my son and was pain free until about 4 hours after the birth.. Well It isnt that bad if you have someone to help you and if you take it slow. As far as what you can be doing these 2 weeks is if you havent already make a big pile on the bed of the clothes u have for baby .. Fold them ever so nicely .. Maybe start a pre-c-section diary to share with family and friends or other mothers .. If you have a video camera make a pre delivery video of all the things you hope for and want the baby to know that are going through yout mind as you await the date of his/her arrival.. Well I hope all goes well. Congrats!
pregnancy info?
Q: i’m currently 32 weeks pregnant, i think i may have genital herpes, i have sore bumps down there are based on what i’ve read i think this may be what it is. I have had this before i was pregnant last year but was to embarrassed to speak to my doctor about it.i realise i will have to speak to my doctor now, but from what ive read i gather it may be possible to still have a natural birth , because i’ve had it before, and my first out break has not been during my pregnancy ?can anyone give me any advice on this? any personal experience. Additional Detailsfrom what i have read on the net, its unlikely that it will harm the baby because i contracted it before i got pregnant therefor my body passes on anitbodies to the baby to protect him, i was wondering if anyone else has had this problem
A: I am no medical doctor but it is my understanding that yes you can still deliver the baby vaginally as long as you do not have an outbreak of herpes during delivery. Please do be sure to let your doctor know because if you are expericing an outbreak during delivery it can harm the baby. As far as embarrassment, honey, trust me doctors have seen and heard it all. You are not the first and won’t be the last. Best of luck with your new bundle of joy. Hugs and kisses
Your exam to check your cervix while late in pregnancy…info?
Q: On Monday, at 36 wks I have my first exam for the doc to check my cervix. What all happens during this exam? Do they use the “clamps” like in a pap smear? I’ve heard you can bleed after the exam, how much, for how long? Does the exam hurt?
A: The doctor will be checking to see if you are dilated yet and how soft your cervix is. he will most likely use his fingers versus a speculum (clamps), but if he can’t feel it well, he may have to use the speculum to visualize it.It can be as uncomfortable as a pap smear, but if he uses his fingers, it can be either more gentle or more uncomfortable, depending on the doctor. I’ve noticed (in my career as a medical assistant for ob/gyn doctors) that male doctors are usually more gentle than female doctors, but that is up to opinion.If bleeding occurs it may last a day or two, you may only need one pad, or a couple of panty liners to collect the blood. If there is more blood than this, or the bleeding continues for more than a couple of days, talk to your doctor.
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