Can I take prenatal vitamins if I’m not pregnant

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You can take prenatal vitamins even if you are not pregnant. Thanks for using ChaCha! [ Source: ]
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Prenatal vitamins are basically just vitamins so they can be taken whether you are pregnant or not and they will not affect you other than providing your body with vitamins. If you are planning on getting pregnant it is a good idea to start…
The prenatal vitamins are great for a woman’s skin, hair, and nails. You could take them and be fine. They don’t like make you get pregnant or anything or make your chances better.
If you eat a well-balanced diet and do not have any health conditions than you probably do not need to take a multivitamin. Be sure to eat foods from all the food groups and try to follow the dietary guidelines, which recommend a diet rich …

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Can I take prenatal vitamins if I’m not trying to conceive or pregnant ?
Q: I heard that they can make your hair and nails thicker and stronger. . and they grow faster? Is that true?Does prenatal vitamins help you get more fertile? THANKS.
A: Actually doctors recommend for any women of child bearing years should take prentatal vitamins. They are good for you. Yes they will make your hair and nails thicker and grow faster. It doesn’t hurt to be healthy so in a way it does.
Is it okay to take prenatal vitamins when you’re not pregnant?
Q: I know that might sound weird, but I am wondering because I am told (and have also witnessed) that prenatal vitamins do wonders for your hair, skin, and nails. My hair is a HOT MESS, but my skin’s pretty and my nails are… okay, but could use improvement. So I’m just wondering if you take prenatal vitamins and are not pregnant, can it harm you in any way by giving you too much of any certain vitamin(s)/mineral(s)?Thanks!!!
A: I don’t know 100% for sure. But I have heard the same thing you have, and girls in my high school would take them.. But I always thought it was kind of silly. You can take a multi-vitamin and a supplement called acidophilus which will pretty much do that same thing… Or you can go to your local herbal supplement store and I’m sure they can find something better for you, only because I’m sure pre-natals have other things a non-pregnant woman really doesn’t need that much of…
Pregnant and too sick to take prenatal vitamins?
Q: I took my prenatal vitamins for 6 months before we conceived and then still religiously up until about a month. I’m 11 weeks pregnant and for the last month I haven’t been taking them regularly as not only have I been really sick, but they make me feel worse. I try to force myself to take them every second or third day as I don’t want my baby to suffer. Is it a big deal if I can’t take them every day? The minute I’m feeling better, of course, I’ll start taking them again.
A: No it is not a big deal in not taking them when I was pregnant I would take them every day for the first month or two then just the smell of them would make me feel so sick so I stopped taking them and my son is fine.
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